Earth Day – April 22

This coming Friday, April 22, is Earth Day. While not exactly a Sabbat or religious rite for most witches, the values of Earth Day seem to align with a great many of us. 🌳

What do you think you might do for this Earth Day? Please share in the comments below if you wish and inspire others! 🌺

The very first official Earth Day was marked in the USA in 1970 and is now a world-wide acknowledged day to raise the awareness about the earth, our enviornment and is a day to remind us to make a commitment to sustaining our Mother Earth; which sustains us.

If you have never recycled, this is a great time to start. Look online for inspiration for Earth Day activities you can do with other witches, friends or your family.

An activity: Many of us in our line are very fond of trees. If you have the space for it, you could plant a new tree and watch it grow over the years. Forming a friendship with a local tree is a worth-while effort and much magic can be had when you sit below a tree or lean up against a sturdy trunk for a spell. We have a variety of techniques of tapping into the Life-Force, or Universal Power through trees and projecting it out and also sending back into the earth. 🌳

Do you have a special connection with a tree in your location?

Some witches don’t live in areas where they can plant trees or gardens, and that is okay too. There is still always things we can do to retain a connection to the earth we walk upon. Many of the covens connected to us in some way live in differing areas and climates, including other countries, rural, suburban settings, cities, in the dessert and even further north. Each location radiates it’s own special unique qualities, but we are all connected to the same Supreme Being that we have come from and one day, after many lives, will return to.

Whether you are close or distant, far or near, we are all connected to this One Source of Power… the radiating life-force… the primeval fire.. and then given form by the same Great Mother, the Earth.

With Much Love & Blessed Be!


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