About the Wolfa Coven

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Coven of the Wolfa (Wolfa Coven) is a British Traditional Wicca coven located in South-Central Pennsylvania, practicing in the Horsa Tradition and also in the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition.

Our line within the Horsa Tradition was established in Pennsylvania under the guidance of Sybil Leek in the 1960s, though at the time we had no tradition name. Today, the Horsa Tradition consists of multiple covens, lead by a High Priestess and a High Priest and is an oath-bound, initiatory coven. Each coven is autonomous once hiving from the parent coven.

More about the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition and our work within it can be found here. Sacred Pentagraph first got its start in Houston, TX and later in Las Vegas, NV. Today, a number of covens are practicing within the Sacred Pentagraph tradition that have hived off of our coven from Pennsylvania.

Today, we share handed down traditions and practice that were given to us. Each new initiate is encouraged to add their new experiences to our collective grimoires with dates the new addition was added. We welcome new discoveries and maintain the old ones.


We seek harmony with our brothers and sisters of the Wicca.  We are not out to seek notoriety, nor to compete with other covens or lines, but wish to peacefully co-exist with others of the Wicca – the hidden children of the Great Mother Goddess.

Our coven does not seek out or recruit members, but we occasionally do have room as time and space permits for serious adult seekers looking to come home, of all genders, 25 years of age and up in both the greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and also throughout the U.S. and the world!

We are open for fun and fellowship with witches of like-minds. Check out our blog posts to see our latest updates.

We are also open to working with other local covens on community outreach and for open events.  A number of members of our tradition are actively involved in the New Wiccan Church, International.

We have a contact box below that you can use to reach out in communication with us.  This can be used by seekers and High Priesthood of other covens as well.

Blessed Be!

Thorn Nightwind

golden bough

We heard recently that the email contact form hasn’t been working and messages haven’t been coming through via email. It seems the most reliable way to contact us is by Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Instagram: @sacredpentagraph or @horsatradition

Twitter: @wolfacoven

Facebook: two links…





13 thoughts on “About the Wolfa Coven”

      1. Many types of magic for sure. We typically like the use of Mental Magic and Theurgy the most, but herbalism and mediumship are a coven favorite. In terms of the dark arts, I guess that would depend on what you define as the dark arts. Have a great rest of the week!


  1. If you are who I think you are. My wife and I have recently started frequenting your store in Mount Joy.
    We are interested in Wolfa. Might we just stop in to chat about that someday?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jordan! Nice to meet you! I’m not the owner of the store nor run it but I do know the folks that run the store in Mount Joy very well!


    2. Okay, I just asked them! They said to me that you are welcome to message them with any questions you have on their Facebook store page: https://www.facebook.com/moonravenalley/

      Or, if you and your wife would rather in person, anytime Friday evening through Sunday would be the best time in person to ask about Wolfa Coven or any of the other covens.


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… a coven of British Traditional Witches practicing in the Horsa Tradition