Tales from a Witch’s HearthFire

Booklet is copyright Rollin G. Bennien. It is provided here for private use and not for commercial use. We invite you though, to re-tweet us on twitter or add the instagram posts to your stories along with hitting the share button on our Facebook page so it links back to the site or one of our social media accounts.

Pages of the booklet by Tarostar, along with corresponding blog about each post by the Wolfa Coven can be found on the right. >>>
If viewing from mobile, they will appear at the bottom.

Our Elder, Tarostar V*, who entered Witchcraft & the Occult Supplies Trade in 1967, wrote this little booklet in 1984. He has granted permission for it to be posted here to help advance the Craft and to give you, dear readers, something to work with. 

We invite you to post comments for us here on this page, discuss with us and let’s all work together in our love of Witchcraft! Tell us your thoughts and what these writings mean to you.

This booklet is filled with stories, craft myth & legend …. along with spells & sorcery. This has a feeling of gathering in around the hearth of a witch to hear tales, learn some practical sorcery and kind of learn at the Heathfire of a Witch who has traversed the path for many decades! It was first written in 1984, and is copyright to Rollin G. Bennien, but it is our hope that you enjoy and that you use it. Blessed Be! 


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