The May Eve or Beltane Festival

As we prepare for the upcoming May Eve, which is one of the quarterly Fire Festivals, we burn to fertilizing ash any remnants of the corn/grain husks of the seasons’ past in order to nourish the soil so it may become rich and fertile.

This action is symbolic of turning the mistakes of the past cycles we have learned from into useful symbolic fertilizer so that our decisions and progression forward will be made with rich wisdom, fed with the purified lessons of the past. Life is an ascending and onward spiral of progression. This is the law of cause and effect, or the Tenet of Reincarnation in action in our everyday lives.

In nature; fire symbolizes a great vivifier and purifier for that which can’t be washed clean with water. So we might request that as we leap the fire’s purifying flames, that we too may fertilize, with wisdom, the seeds we have planted at Candlemas or February Eve, and will hopefully reap the harvest at Lammas or the Autumn Rite.

“May the seeds we have tended to and have sprouted; flower fully this Summer. May they ripen into fruits of our harvest this autumn.”

You see; everything in nature follows the cycle of initiaiton and response, or action and reaction. What happens to the seed, flower and fruit is but a symbol of everything we grow in our lives: what we plant, nurture and tend to in fertile soil will sprout… likewise, the opposite will occur with that which we neglect.

During Sabbat, adorning a Spring-time chaplet of greenery and flowers is another symbol of how we give honor to the Gracious Goddess.

May the leaping and dancing around the baalfire be a blessing to all. So too may the Solar Rays of Regeneration provide renewal and strength to our life-gardens.

“Blessed Be, O thou Life-Force which hath fashioned all growth, and will one day bring all things into maturity of being.”


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