Fairies & the Unbroken Circle

The Witch looks through the symbol of the Unbroken Circle to see if any visions may be obtained.

In this sacred ritual of our coven, the symbol of the Unbroken Circle is made out of fresh flowers and plants. 🪴 🌸 This symbol is but a tool of invitation to the fairy realm 🧚‍♀️.

These nature spirits or elementals are known as “the Good Folk who live beneath the ferns” and can be seen by clairvoyant means in the Astral Light now that the coming spring has drawn them back in abundance. They are very active, especially on Full Moon nights.

With this act they know communication is welcome. They heard our call through the night. The ritual actions aided in obtaining the correct state of mind to see clearly into their realm. The initiated witches who gathered at the Wolfa Coven received clear insight…


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