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The Sacred Pentagraph tradition is an occult-lodge based system of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition. It is a mystical tradition of Wicca that through coven work, is designed to help the seeker advance and become a competent occultist and adept within the field of Classical Witchcraft.

The original founders (Tarostar, Charmaine Day, Sybil Leek) of the tradition, operating as the “Ancient Order of the Bell, Book & Candle,” founded the tradition in the 1970s as a tradition focused more on traditional occult arts – individual adepts and practitioners of Classical Witchcraft that come together to practice a complete yearly cycle of rituals and those dedicated to traditional witchcraft and occult arts in practice.

The Coven of the Wolfa also operates a circle dedicated to the work and initiation in the Sacred Pentagraph tradition – celebrating both the Celestial Times (Sabbats of Action: Spring & Summer Equinox, Summer and Winter Solstices) and the Terrestrial Tides (Sabbats of Re-Action and Ordering: Hallowmass, Candlemas, Beltane & Lammas).

We currently have been working the tradition locally and also from a distance with folks in a few other states that are interested in advanced work within the Ancient Wisdom Religion. Folks that wish to contact us may do so on the Home page of the site.

Sacred Pentagraph TraditionSacred Pentagraph Tradition

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Sacred Pentagraph Sabbat Series:

Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire
… Thoughts Upon the Heart of Wicca 

You can view this booklet by clicking here. This booklet is filled with stories, craft myth & legend …. along with spells & sorcery. This has a feeling of gathering in around the hearth of a witch to hear tales, learn some practical sorcery and kind of learn at the Heathfire of a Witch who has traversed the path for many decades! It was first written in 1984, and is copyright to Rollin G. Bennein, but it is our hope that you enjoy and that you use it. Blessed Be! 



Originally the 13 stones consisted of seven planetary influences, the four elements and a stone for good fortune and one for misfortune. Today we use 9 planetary stones, one for each of the four elements, which designate the area from which we are to seek out the meanings – material, emotional, mental, or spiritual.”

-Charmaine Dey, from her booklet “How to tell fortunes by Casting the Rune Stones, 1974.


… a coven of witches practicing in the Horsa Tradition & the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition

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