‘Touched by the Goddess’ by Alexander Cabot – Book Review

‘Touched by the Goddess’ is an amazing and heartfelt memoir penned by Alexander Cabot and is an odyssey & journey in his discovery to find the Mother Goddess.

Touched by the Goddess, Memoirs of a High Priest. Written by Alexander Cabot and published by Fenix Flames Publishing Ltd – 2021

The journey of initiation is a long and varied one that he lays out for us, showing his passion and vulnerability. His family’s immigration from Cuba to the USA at a young age, along with Cuban Spiritualist practices affected his journey. His family’s involvement in lodge systems, like Freemasonry and also the home-spun wisdom from his Grandmother pushed his desire further.

This had brought Alexander to Luccumi and other African religious systems. Heremetic and Occult writings, including the writings of Crowley were also influential.

Finally, these experiences prepared him for his life’s work: initiation and tutelage into Witchcraft under the guidance of both Lady Rhea of New York and Laurie Cabot of Salem, MA.

You will find throughout this book insight and magical wisdom that will inspire you, and hopefully inspire the next generation. He also has shared his beautiful journey of representing the Cabot tradition in both Brazil and England!

This book is a labor of love, and any memoir of this nature is a very personal journey. You’ll learn where to get started to begin initiation into Witchcraft from his book. You will also feel enriched by it. It was a long journey for Alexander to find the rewarding initiation into Witchcraft and one he does with passion each day of his life. I am PROUD and HONORED to call Alexander Cabot my big brother and friend.

Blessed Be!

-a full book review and blurb by Thorn Nightwind of Alexander’s new book, Touched by the Goddess, is printed on page 172. It is published by Felix Flames Publishing.


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