Casting Your Own Spell & Seeking a Balanced Life

Rhonda Lachar once said, “Your life is what you make it. Your life can be simple if you will set it up with simplicity as a goal! It will take courage to cut away from the thousand and one hindrances that make life complex, but it can be done!”

There is an old saying that says the wise always strive to simplify their life. How many people do you know who run around from obligation to obligation and then find themselves complaining about the billion and one thing they have to do?

No place else seems quite as complex as our home lives. In our own culture of consumerism, we constantly buy ‘stuff’ occasionally just for the purposes of having ‘stuff.’ It seems possible that people can get weighed down and controlled by their stuff. They are either racing to get more stuff, or racing to replace more stuff. Complexity affirms complexity. 

Moreover, as a witch you most likely know already that intangible objects can be impregnated with desire-bodies to create thought-forms. Everything has an astral double within the Gray Matter of the astral plane – and the astral double of any object can affect you and the environment around you – including others. Many place so much emotion and memory into physical objects, thereby turning these items into Desire-Bodies or Will-Bodies, constantly pushing or pulling on us at a deep energetic level, which leads to what I affectionately call “psychic constipation.

One thing I have always noticed is that if you take a few moments to just look around the surroundings inside a person’s home, you can get a better idea of who they are, why they respond the way they do, and sometimes just about anything you want to know about a person. Chances are, in a person’s own “inner-sanctum,” they will surround themselves with items that represent where they are at that time – the Astral & Mental Body affecting the Physical Body and the items they surround themselves with.  

As part of the process of “Knowing Thyself,” this activity can help you learn a few things about yourself by looking and analyzing your own surroundings.

This is not just a once and done exercise, but something I recommend doing for yourself once per year. I personally make this a winter activity since so much focus is indoors in my environment because of the cold weather of winter. In the summer time, we spend a lot of time working on the outdoors and time spent with the coven, and in the winter time we can spend time on our “indoor garden,” which is the things we surround and fill our homes with. 

Even over the years, I notice different things I need to clean out.

To understand a little more about how your emotional involvement is so very important in spell-making and the creation of thought-forms, I highly recommend you listen to this 10 minute clip from Gundella the Green Witch. In this segment, Gundella is teaching you how to Cast a Spell – the three essentials…. Much of Gundella’s philosophy matches our own philosophy – she was a pretty remarkable witch.

Gundella teaching you how to Cast a Spell….

In an earlier blog, you learned about how to perform the Art & Ritual of Meditation. You can click on the link if you haven’t had a chance to go through it.

Learn about Amulets, Talismans & Charm Bags in this article. This was a fun one to write and collect our thoughts on!

Blessed Be!


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