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Drawing Down the Moon

The phrase ‘Drawing Down the Moon’ has been commonplace in Wicca-rituals and conversation on rituals for many decades now. For some covens, this is a monthly ritual performed by a coven of initiated witches at the Full Moon where an invocation to the Lady is made so She may speak through the body of the High Priestess to the Coveners. In this article, we wanted to share some information about how our coven sees this practice and just briefly describe a sacred ritual in our religion.

Drawing Down the Moon as done in the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition – the Ancient Order of Bell, Book & Candle

The practice of conversing with spiritual intelligences … including angels, elemental spirits, and spirits of the other side has always been part of our tradition. When it comes to the topic of DDTM: The terminology of describing a ritual as “Drawing Down the Moon” is a borrowed terminology made popular by other traditions of the Craft that came out of the broom closet around the same time as our tradition’s practices did – however – it is lingo that is understandable to most Wiccans, so we might as well use this term for this article to speak a common language; even though our ritual rubrics for carrying out this ritual are different than other traditions — though we might have a similar goal in mind in some instances.

The Coven Medium receiving messages from the Gracious Goddess – personal messages for the Coveners, the Covenstead and for the quarter ahead.

In the Sacred Pentagraph tradition, the practice of Drawing Down the Moon could potentially be performed four times per year during the Full Moons of March, June, September and December. These are the months in which the Solstices & the Equinoxes occur.

Since the months of the Solstices & the Equinoxes are times which initiate the beginning of each of the four seasons in the yearly quarterly cycle, this is the most opportune time to ask for messages from the Gracious Goddess in order to receive insight needed for that quarter. It is also recommended that it is not necessary to be performed more than these four times per year in our tradition, as that gives all the Coveners adequate time to put to use the information received by the Gracious Goddess. If we did this every month, we may not have had the opportunity to put into place all the insight that has been given – so this is a good ‘conservation of energy’ thing to consider. There are literally dozens upon dozens of other Full Moon Esbats that can be performed for many purposes during the other months of the year.

The initiate of the Coven who serves as the Coven Medium for the Gracious Goddess must have developed their mediumship abilities. In this ritual, it is most likely the High Priestess who will serve this role as the Coven Medium. In our own Wolfa Coven, most of our established and regularly attending current initiates have mediumship abilities to one degree or another – which means that any initiate of one of the higher degrees could technically do this for the coven if needed. I think it’s a little unusual to have a full coven of mediums like we do – it’s just worked out that way for one reason or another. The rubrics and rituals of this ritual have not been put into print, but we can at least describe our thoughts and reflections upon it so that other covens who are curious what we do get an idea of our ideas, and also for readers that just want to read about diverse thoughts and practices in the religion.

We cast the Cosmated Esbat Circle to begin – usually this circle is cast by the High Priestess, the High Priest, the Handmaiden & the Practicus who serve as the four officers of the Esbat circle – but in the case of this ritual, since the High Priestess and High Priest must focus on inducing the trance state, that usually means the Practicus and Handmaiden will carry this out, and witches make do!

We have many ways of creating a magical circle, and this method for Esbats is very quick and takes very little time. Since the time of Esbat is highly focused on spellcasting, psychism and talismanic magic, or the very practical sides of Wicca, the focus is mainly on these specialized areas rather than on the communal seasonal themes partaken of at a Seasonal or Sabbat where on occasion more ceremonial aspects of ritual might be done.

The Coven Medium sits before the cauldron with the hood covering her head and arms. Her body wrapped up in her robe and cape in order to go into the silence and allow trance to come on and speak forth the messages of the Gracious Goddess. It can be performed indoors or outdoors. The coven dances and invokes the Gracious Goddess to come down, and the High Priest will direct the Ether raised within the atmosphere to the High Priestess to use in trance.

After the Gracious Goddess speaks fourth what needs to be heard, then there may be a time allowed where questions can be asked of Her.

The Scribe of the Coven scribbles down notes as fast as they can, as quickly as the messages come in.

When finished, the High Priest asks the heaviness to withdrawal and the Handmaidens of the Coven perform specific actions which help to bring the Coven Medium back into normal time and space.

Before closing the Cosmated Esbat Circle, we like to have some wine and some bread in order to have some togetherness and ease back out of the state of consciousness that has been invoked, especially before the Coven Medium and others need to stand again. Sometimes, depending on the Coven Medium, sessions of trance mediumship can take a little while to shake off. This time sharing food also allows us conversation to discuss things shared and bring ourselves back gently.

In our own experience in our coven, every Medium experiences different effects on the mind and body through these types of rituals. Why this is so, could be many … some of the reasons can be related to the type of Spirit Guide that each Initiate of the Coven has that assists them on the Astral Plane; some could be because of the spiritual development that the Initiate currently has gone through in this life and the many lives before and some could just simply be related to the specialty and talents of the Medium.

During the time of trance as a Coven Medium, there are many things that happen — The most common thing that occurs is messages are shared, prophesy is spoken, clairvoyance is used. On rare occasions, even spirit healing sessions occur.

These rituals and how to do them are ones you learn and participate in a traditionalist coven amongst initiates.

Blessed Be!

If you wish to learn more about our practices, you can buy a copy of the Sacred Pentagraph book here from Amazon.

The Sacred Pentagraph – Five Books in One


Autumnal Equinox Sabbat

The theme of this Sabbat can be summed up with the following universal law: “The Law of Compensation.”


To many of us, this Law of Compensation can also be described as the Tenet of Reincarnation or simply the Law of Cause and EffectYe reap that which you sow is a theme that I think we can all understand. Even if you don’t know what to think just yet about the subject Reincarnation or ideas of Karma in your current magical development and philosophy, if you can get a basic understanding of cause and effect you are on the right track.

AE 2014 12
A simple altar for the Autumnal Equinox Sabbat…

During the Candlemas Sabbat, we had sown our wishes into soil for all sorts of things.  A bulb was then planted in that soil to draw forth the seed-thoughts of our desires as part of its spiritual nourishment. You could even sum this idea up with a little incantation if you need some ideas of what to think on:

“As this flower grows higher and higher, so too does our seed-thoughts grow and blossom in Summer and turn to ripened fruit in the Autumn…….”

I believe the way Wicca fully teaches its mysteries is by the practice of group ritual, in small covens sharing in those practices. These mysteries can’t be understand or grasped by independent and private thought alone, though that is one important part of it – they are not fully grasped until they are experienced in the physical world with the coven, on the astral plane with elementals, fairies and spiritual intelligences and on the mental plane with the higher beings.

This means that the full understanding of the mysteries must be practiced in order to be fully understood and carried out in the real world. Initiation is only a beginning – it is the group practice in the real world that makes an adept in the art.  Also, I believe that each Sabbat has an important theme or message(s) to teach us.  Here is just but a quick glance at what this Sabbat has taught me and some interesting lore to go along with it….


At the time of the Autumnal Equinox, we should see the end results of the seed-thoughts planted at Candlemas, which will either have come into complete fruition by this time, have been weeded out of our “gardens” or maybe even have not come into fruition.   For we all must eventually accept the fruits of our labours, whether for good or for ill, which is an accurate statement to describe what the Law of Compensation is.

Another theme at this Sabbat is on attending to the basic affairs of the coven.  If the coven collects monetary donations that go into the coven piggy bank to buy disposable items needed by the coven, this is the time these donations would be offered up for the betterment of the coven. We are a simple and natural religion that has very few expenses, but we know at the same time that everything in life does cost a little something.  Most of the time, the cost of coven operation is just the time it takes to set up for the ceremony.  Though the costs are in making the tools of the Craft or for incense, candles and a bottle of wine which are the practical items used within a circle.  Some coves may have dues to cover these kinds of costs. Some covens also provide space such as buildings to house circles or provide training in and those coven dues or donations help to keep the space going.  Even in instances where a coven meets at a particular property or home, repairs and wear and tear occurs because of its use and must be mended.


At this Sabbat, we enjoy a feast within the circle.  Food is carried into circle and we eat in the circle at this Sabbat.  It is a time of accepting our just rewards for the work we’ve done – some might even call this a “Thanksgiving” if you like.

A meditation symbol of balanced scales gracing a table in which food will be set out to be partaken of by the coven.
A meditation symbol of balanced scales gracing a table in which food will be set out to be partaken of by the coven.

Another curious custom of the coven is the creation of the artifact known as the “Autumn Hen” which represents the Old Hag of Winter.  After the ceremony, it is hidden away over Winter and later used by the ladies of the coven after Candlemas and before the Vernal Equinox Sabbat to awaken Spring during the Rites of Cybele as part of the women’s mysteries.

The Autumn Hen being hidden away all through Winter.....
The Autumn Hen being hidden away all through Winter…..

So what are the external lessons-learned from this Sabbat?  Since Wicca’s lessons are learned by experiencing ritual, what are some of my own personal take aways that I have discovered with this Sabbat?

  1. Thought-forms that we nurture have a better chance for growth and survival.
  2. We aspire upward and forward on the path of progressive reincarnation.
  3. To not waste the gifts we have either earned or have been given.
  4. Everything has its opposite – light and dark, hot and cold, etc.
  5. The acceptance of the mortality of all things on this earthly plane.
  6. The Tenet of a Balanced Life
  7. To take stock of what we have gathered in this year.
  8. The acceptance of the successes and failures of the thought-forms and seed-thoughts we have invoked for the year.
  9. That a coven, much like in old agricultural communities of times past, strives to take care of each other as a familial community unit.
  10. We must tend to the space where the coven meets and be willing to collectively invest in it.

We hope that many Autumnal Blessings come to all our Brothers and Sisters of the Wicca this season!

Blessed Be!

IWP_20160102_002f you wish to know more about a full Sabbat cycle, more info can be found in The Sacred Pentagraph.  Click on the book photo to learn more.

Summer Solstice Sabbat

This Sabbat is all about Power & Strength. It is a perfect celebration of the official initiation of the Summer season when the Sun enters the Sign of Cancer, which will lead to the Earth’s Response at the Lammas Harvest Sabbat when the season of Summer will be at its height. Red flowers are usually placed on the altar and about the magical circle – along with red flowers tied into the cingulum.

This Sabbat ritual takes a bit of additional planning and preparation ….

In this photo, the Chalice sets upon a stone from the earth. The Chalice is filled with rich red wine and bedecked with flowers of that special time of the year. This photo from Midsummer 2018. Substitutions for Red Wine can and should be made for those who cannot partake of alcohol for purposes of their sobriety.

This is a Celestial Sabbat where we celebrate the Power and Strength of this time of the year and many will typically perform a ritual act known as Drawing Down the Sun.”  For us, this is a ceremonial lighting of the Sabbat fires by channeling the rays of the Sun outdoors to light the flame.  Even if the Sabbat is performed indoors, we will use the sun’s rays outdoors in order to light a taper candle and carry it indoors to light the candles, etc.

Within the coven niche, the new Sacred Flame, or Perpetual Flame, will be lit from this Solar Invocation of the Sun. This is typically done on a day of Sol (Sunday), usually the Sunday before the Summer Solstice Sabbat is held. It is also used in a ritual to purify the temple of Wicca at this time. At the Winter Solstice, the Coven Temple is purified by the Silence of the Grave. During the Summer Solstice, it is purified by Celestial Fire.

The path of the sun – deosil circumambulation, is tred for the purpose of banishing impurity, malignity and hostility and filling ourselves with energies corresponding to the celebration of life and of connecting with our higher emotions during the initial rituals the Day of Sol before the actual Sabbat ritual is conducted. Because a Deosil movement sends out and banishes what is there, it is an appropriate time to do this when purifying a temple space. Whereas, during the Sabbat Ritual itself, a Widdershins movement for ritual will occur to call down and pull in power.

The altar at the Summer Solstice (Midsummer) Sabbat holding the instruments of the art. Book of Lights to the lower left hand of the altar, items representing the four elements, red roses and a chalice of wine and the graal that held the bread. White and Black Candles flank the altar – representing the twin pillars. This photo from Midsummer 2014. Red flowers are traditional to bedeck the magical circle and the altar.

The ceremonial dance performed as this time is sometimes known as the “March of Steel”. This is a march-type of dance, emphasizing the power and strength of the Good God and the vital power bestowed upon the coven. The Sabbat ritual itself is a bit more ceremonial and High Druidical in nature with a color scheme of red and white. This is quite a contrast with the Sabbat of May Eve or Beltane, which is very oriented towards the Gracious Goddess and more carefree and flowing.

We also will typically present written petitions as well at a separate table that is typically called the “Credence table.”  These paper petitions are carefully written out by all coveners before the Sabbat Ceremonial has begun and carefully laid out.  The candles are then carved, anointed and blessed by the coven and are burned with the brazier.  The light, heat and warmth are believed to carry these seed-thoughts on a journey to the Ancient Ones and Watchers. We wrote out petitions to be buried in the earth to the Gracious Goddess at Candlemas Sabbat, but at the Midsummer Sabbat, petitions are presented to fire to be consumed in the light and heat. These are prayers to the Ancient and Mighty Ones for the needs of the coven and those they care about.

The Credence Table – a separate table in this ritual is set up with the carved and anointed 7 day candles in which the written petitions were burned and the words carried through the air by the heat, flame and smoke to the Ancient Ones. After Sabbat, the candles will be transferred to the Coven Niche in order to burn the rest of the way out.

The Love Feast will typically consist of bread and wine during this Sabbat and has it’s own special blessing over it, and also as it is presented to the coveners:

Before the Love Feast!

Herbal Charms & Spells ….

There are many special herbs that can be collected on the Eve of the Summer Solstice, or Midsummer, if you like to be used in spell-making and charm-making. One of the most traditional of herbs to gather is St. John’s Wort – which is a legendary herb used in folklore.

Another legendary herb collected this time of year is the magical fern leaf. This leaf has many great sorceries within it as well and is used for very specific forms of magical operations.

Many enjoy gathering a bit of the yellow-blooming Cinquefoil, also known as the five finger grass wish is used for granting special favors.

Cinquefoil or the “Five Finger Grass.” A prized little herb of witchcraft. Here in Pennsylvania, it grows everywhere and most consider it a weed.

Any magical herb used in love charms is said to be most potent when gathered this time of year. The most popular form of spell-making to be performed this time of year is Love Magic. Love charms made from herbs collected on the Eve of the Summer Solstice are said to be the most potent in love charms. A yearly supply to last the year would be gathered and safeguarded in case they are called for and fresh ones selected the following Midsummer Eve.

However you celebrate this time of year, we hope that your celebrations are joyous, merry and fun.  After all, the Sabbat is a celebration of life – so have fun with it too!

Blessed Be!

*If you wish to learn how to conduct a Midsummer Sabbat ritual, we recommend you read the book, “The Sacred Pentagraph” for further details and instructions.

Sabbat of Candlemass

At the Sabbat of Candlemass, (February 2015) the witches of our coven and companionship met around the altar in the temple here for the purposes of honoring the feast of waxing light and to celebrate the purification of the Earth-Mother so she could conceive of the birth of Spring.


The Ancient One and Watchers of times of old, time outside of time, were called to be present and draw in the power as we stirred the Astral Light that night.

The Sabbat that came before last Candlemass, Yule (December 2014), initiated the new season to come.

Yule was ruled by the God because Yule is one of the four Quarter Days of the year that marks the seasonal and Celestial Changes. (both solstices and equinoxes) Ancient monuments and stone megaliths from many thousands of years ago were aligned to mark these “Times” that initiate change here on earth: Such as Stonehenge and other round houses and stone circles of Britain and even the ancient monuments of the Mayans! Many ancient civilizations placed such great emphasis on these particular times of the year.

Yule represented the Celestial “Action”: the Initiator. Candlemass is now the Terrestrial “Response.” The time of daylight continue to increase since Yule from the heavenly Sun and now the Earth, our Great Mother, fashions the life by preparing the Earth with purification to wash away all the dross and the cobwebs from the doors. Soon, spring cleaning will be in the air.

Our Father God represents the Action, our Mother Goddess represents the Response. The God initiates, and the Goddess orders and manifests. One cannot exist without the other: Which is why we of the Wicca look to the Lord and Lady as halves of the same whole, and acknowledge the great “Oneness” as the Supreme Being from which all life unfolded and came to be fashioned: divine sparks dividing and indwelling and eventually through the process and progression of reincarnation, will all return to.

At this Sabbat, we wrote petitions for both spiritual and material growth. The Earth Mother is clearing a way for the opening of the tomb and life since the Celestial and Heavenly realms initiated it, so we too respond to Her changes by writing of the petitions and make room for what is to be.

The planting of seeds at Candlemas and nurturing them throughout the growing season.
The planting of seeds at Candlemas and nurturing them throughout the growing season.

The petitions were placed into the soil and watered blessed through practices of concentration, prayer and incantations. A circle dance to awaken the seeds of Spring performed around this “awakened tomb” was had to celebrate the increasing light and to send power up to our gods so they too will give response.

Once again, the awakening of the tomb and the feast of purification and waxing light is coming soon. Many mythologies represent this celestial ordering and earthly response in various myths and ritual: Such as the Descent and Release of Persephone.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to look back on the Sabbats with great fondness, sometimes even with a tear in my eye at their beauty. Sabbats are the memorable parts of our religion. We don’t always remember what happened at Initiations and Esbats because of the nature of their workings and their veil of mystery – but Sabbats always stick out in the memory for me – not easily forgotten! That is probably how it should be.

The rites have been kept and honor given to the Ancient One.

Blessed Be to the Wicca and to all who seek!

House Blessing Ritual

The purpose of a House Blessing in Wicca is designed to bring the spirit of the Gracious Goddess and the Good God into the new home that you move into. Whether you move into this space as a couple, or by yourself, it is part of our religion to welcome Deity into the new home to dwell with us.

On the altar you can see the items that are used in the house blessing. A candle, salt, bread, incense.

As part of the Sacred Pentagraph tradition, there is an extraordinarily effective house blessing that can be done that we love very much. A copy of this old ritual has been made available and can be found in “The Sacred Pentagraph – Books I – III.”

This ritual is best performed at the time of the New Moon.

If you view the photos, you can see the simple items that are used in this ritual: Incense of Frankincense, a magnetized candle, bread and salt. All of these things can be said to symbolize the good things in life. Salt sustains and purifies, bread nourishes, incense heightens us and the candle warms us.

What is the purpose of a house blessing?

The primary purpose in my mind is first to let the Old Gods they are welcome into this space and into your life. This is a space where we make them feel welcome and invite them in with this ritual. It is not only a sanctuary for us to reside, but also a sanctuary for them to reside.

The second purpose is to erase any previous emanations from the previous owners or tenants so that any lingering presence will not be of an adverse affect to you.

The third purpose is to ask for the Old Gods blessing.

Likewise, if you move out of a home, there is also included in order to banish the emanations that could be remaining in the home – to free it for the next inhabitants who will live there. This simple ritual uses an egg for that banishing and can also be found in the book.

It is very important, especially in places where you have performed magic, to free the home as much as possible from the magnetism that you have left there if you leave it. I call this good psychic hygiene.

Blessed Be!

Sacred Pentagraph – Books I, II & III now in print!

Merry Meet,

The Sacred Pentagraph – Books I, II & III is now in print by Left Hand Press!  A photo of our coven temple is featured on page 48 from the performance of the “Centering of the Cone” ritual in the system.

We also have a new page on our site about The Sacred Pentagraph tradition for those that wish to know more.  You can find the page here:  Coven of the Wolfa’s Sacred Pentagraph page.

Also, Tarostar also has a website about the Sacred Pentagraph and his other published books here:  Witchworld109.com

You can read further about the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition in the book “The Sacred Pentagraph – Books I, II & III” by Tarostar.


Blessed Be!