Spiritualism, Magic and the Paranormal

This page lists blogs talking about experiences in Spiritualism and Psychic Phenomena.  You can click the lists below to view each blog for more information.  Each link will pop-up in a new window.

Enjoy your search in the paranormal, reincarnation and the unknown.  Blessed Be!

Blog Posts:
1.  The Witches’ Séance
2.  Rite of Passage
3.  Hypnotism & Magnetism
4.  Spirits, the Dearly Departed … and Reincarnation
5.  Your first Psychic Steps
6.  Scrying, plus one strange tale…
7.  Driving out the Devils
8.  The Goetia & Solomon’s Magical Arts
9.  Necromancy & the Dumb Supper
10.  Dreaming about Someone?
11.  Cold Air?
12.  Candle Magic and a Candle Spell
13.  Apparitions & Astral Projection
14.  Water Witching, Magic Wands & Telekinesis
15.  Re-assimilation of the Soul and the Mighty Dead
16.  Impactful Prayer at a Blot
17.  Automatic Writing
18.  The Power of Suggestion
19.  Lucky Rabbit’s Foot! Four-leaf clover! Crosses! Crucifix!
20.  Faith Healing & Witchcraft in Pennsylvania
21.  Defining the word “Witch”
22. The Egregore or Group Consciousness
23.  Casting a Spell
24.  The Dark Night of the Soul
25.  Antiques, Psychic Work & Your Temple
26.  Magical Incenses used in Witchcraft
27.  Magic Spells for Halloween
28. The Mystic Path, Part 1


Witches and Occultists from all paths seem to have a love of reading and books.  Here is a list of books and various forms of multi-media that members of our coven enjoy:

  1. The Great Book of Magical Art
  2. The Golden Bough
  3. The Gospel of the Witches & Etruscan Magic and Occult Remedies
  4. Gerald Gardner & Sybil Leek
  5. Theosophy & Magic: White and Black
  6. More Interesting Books
  7. Witches on Vinyl
  8. Sacred Pentagraph – Books I, II & III
  9. Herbalism: Books & Writing
  10. Mystic Will
  11. Witches in Holland
  12. Madeline Montalban: The Magus of St Giles
  13. Art Magic and The Priesthood
  14. Plowing Eve: Corn King and the Spring Queen




… a coven of British Traditional Witches practicing in the Horsa Tradition

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