Informative Links, Media & News Sites:

  1. The Wiccan Rede Online – Published twice a year by members of Silver Circle in Continental Europe.
  2. The Witches’ Almanac – Always a collectible book from year to year and filled with  excellent articles that would interest any witch or mortal alike.  Also includes astrological predictions for each sign for the year.  The contents of the book remind you of by-gone days: Something you might find from 50 or 60 years ago – which is EXACTLY why we love it.  It is the most charming almanac for witches!
  3. Raise the Horns – a wonderfully informative blog written by the Channel Editor of Patheos Pagan.
  4. Oathbound: Witchcraft and Magic from the Gut – well-written and entertaining Patheos Pagan blog by Thorn Mooney.
  5. Witches & Pagans Magazine – A wonderful magazine that is published four times a year.  New issues can be picked up at your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or the cheapest option is to have it mailed to your home.  The magazine itself gives you an idea of what the latest trends among various Pagan and Wiccan traditions.

Links to Other Covens, Groups & Traditions:

  1. Witchworld109 – more information on Sacred Pentagraph Tradition, which provides additional information on one of the traditions practiced by our coven.
  2. Gala Witchcraft – a nation-wide tradition of witchcraft for gay and bi-sexual men. The founder of the tradition is one of our closest friends, and operates a coven in our local area. He also writes an informative blog on the gay male mysteries (Casey Giovinco’s personal website) and is professional Hypnotist, certified trainer and certified yoga instructor.
  3. Silver Circle – one of the largest Gardnerian lines of Wicca in Continental Europe.  They also publish a wonderful newsletter called “The Wiccan Rede Online”
  4. Azul Nox Encampment, O.T.O. – Local O.T.O. Encampment located in South-Central Pennsylvania.  They also perform quarterly the Gnostic Mass for a small donation and do a Summer Camp-Out each year with rituals all weekend.
  5. Church & School of Wicca – the oldest correspondence course on witchcraft is offered by Gavin & Yvonne Frost.

Local Shopping, Events & Places of Interest:

  1. The Crystal Wand – One of my favorite shops to visit when in Gettysburg, PA.  A wonderful occult shop loaded with various occult items and psychic needs.  Frequent visits are made here!
  2. The Rosemary House – One of the oldest and best herbal stores in existence!  Herbs, spices & gifts, including very rare herbs that are of special interest.  The store is located in Mechanicsburg, PA and was established in 1968.
  3. One Witch’s Cottage – Not local to our area, but the owner is a very good friend of mine and blends wonderful Incenses for the Seven Planets, Elixures and makes beautiful cloaks!
  4.  Sweet Annie Herbs – Renowned herbalist Ann Marie Wishard’s wonderful store that is packed with many, many herbal remedies, teas, capsules, bee pollen & bee products and great information.
  5. The May Day Fairie Festival – The OLDEST and most well-attended May Day festival in the country.  Located at Spoutwood Farms.  Approx. 13,000 people attend annually for May Day/Beltane to bring out their inner-fairy, celebrate the beginning of Summer.
  6. New Visions Books & Gifts – A well-established metaphysical store located in York, PA.  A sizable store that carries a great many items that would interest any witch.  They have classes and Friday Night Forums quite frequently, with plenty of space for seating.
  7. Your Inner Light – Located in Lititz, PA:  Wellness, Crystals & Gifts.  A wonderful new shop in the area!  The owners are very nice.
  8. Heaven & Nature Store – a wonderful little metaphysical store located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that is packed full of crystals, jewelry, books, tea, oils, etc., of various items of interest!
  9. York Pennsylvania Pagan Pride Day – Our local Pagan Pride event.  An amazing time!
  10. Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day
  11. Lehigh Valley Pagan Pride Day
  12. Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary – Camping, Festivals, Sabbats & Stone Circle!
  13. Columcille Megalith Park – a park rooted in Celtic Spirituality. Quite an amazing place! The park is inspired by the Island of Iona, from off the coast of Scotland.
  14. Emporium of Curious Goods – the largest New Age Shop in Northeastern PA.
  15. The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire – located in Lancaster, PA at Mount Hope Estate & Winery – has a great number of vendors and items that would interest Wiccans and Pagans of any variety.

Ghost Tours & the Paranormal:

  1. Ghosts of Gettysburg – based on the best-selling books by Mark Nesbit
  2. Gettysburg Ghost Tours
  3. Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg – Candlelit Ghost Tours!
  4. Gettysburg Paranormal Association
  5. The Talking Board Historical Society
  6. Historic Farnsworth House – Bed & Breakfast, great dining & ghost walks!
  7. Ghostly Images of Gettysburg
  8. Miss Betty’s Ghosts & Tales of Gettysburg
  9. After Dark Investigations – Gettysburg’s Premiere Paranormal Investigators
  10. Gettysburg Ghosts Paranormal Investigations
  11. Dinner Theater Seance & Ghost Stories – Gettysburg

… a coven of British Traditional Witches practicing in the Horsa Tradition

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