About the Wolfa Coven

some toolsCoven of the Wolfa (Wolfa Coven) is located in South-Central Pennsylvania, practicing in the Horsa Tradition and also in the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition.

Our line within the Horsa Tradition was established in Pennsylvania under the guidance of Sybil Leek in the 1960s and has continued to this day here and other parts of the world.

More about the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition and our work within it can be found here. Sacred Pentagraph first got its start in Houston, TX and later in Las Vegas, NV by Charmaine Dey, Tarostar and Sybil Leek. Today, Sacred Pentagraph has spread to other parts and can be found in multiple states and countries.

We welcome new discoveries and maintain the old ones.

wp_20161112_004We seek a harmonious relationship with ourselves, with others and all things. The simple tenets of the religion and the seasonal rituals are hallmarks we are deeply fond of in our tradition.

There are certain themes that occur in our standard quarterly rituals. The first ritual, the Spring Festival, has within it the symbolism of planting the seeds of our intentions and desires. These seed-thoughts; or thought-forms are given up through fire and earth in order that these wishes may grow in our lives. This Festival is sometimes called Candlemas or February Eve.

Altar at the Full Moon - Rite of Winter 2019

The Summer Festival, sometimes called May Eve, or today called Beltane by many, is the time of cultivation and growth. The wishes are encouraged and fertilized so that they may grow to flower and eventually to fruit at Harvest. Protection is ensured by the purification of the baalfire or the need-fire, which is the central hub around which we circumambulate widdershins.

Wolfa Coven performing an outdoor Sabbat festival in the stone circle.

At the Autumn Harvest Festival, sometimes called Lammas or Lugnasad, is a time where we get to brag a little. At this time we must accept our just desserts for what we have planted. “You must reap what you have sown.” Whether the harvest has been good or bad, libation is indeed offered up to the Great Mother Goddess in thanksgiving for what we have been provided.

Setting up a beautiful outdoor meditation space for each seasonal provides symbolism to reflect and contemplate on the seasonal meanings.

Lastly we arrive at the Winter Festival, which is sometimes called Hallowmass or even by the name Samhain. In Horsa, we release everything that no longer serves us, we release our failures as well. This is a time of purging what no longer serves us so that we can start the cycle again fresh. Also, because we don’t want Winter to come and for the light of the sun to lessen, even though the cycle must be followed, we perform incantations to recharge our psychic batteries to carry us through to the next season. Typically a ritual of prognostication will occur, and on some years, we will perform the High Rites of Necromancy as taught per Sacred Pentagraph and end with a prognostication for the watchword which will carry us through the rest of the year until Spring renews us again.

What could be more simple than that? We are a practical bunch that focuses on simplicity. The wise always find ways to simplify their lives.

Blessed Be!

The Baalfire, representing the Supreme Deity, is the central hub from which our work is performed. This theme, a symbol of the Harvest, was placed on the outdoor altar to symbolize the Harvest of Lammas or Lugnasad.... the Rite of Autumn. It served to represent the Harvest - as you sow, shall you reap. Outdoors, the tools are often most simple. A knife, sword, Besom, cup, thurible, Graal.... our rites use quite simple tools to commence the work of the Druid.

Our coven does not seek out or recruit members, but we occasionally do have room as time and space permits for serious adult seekers looking to come home, of all genders, 25 years of age and up in both the greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and also throughout the U.S. and the world!

We are open for fun and fellowship with witches of like-minds. Check out our blog posts to see our latest updates.

A number of members of our tradition are actively involved in the New Wiccan Church, International.

Blessed Be!

Thorn Nightwind

golden bough

We heard recently that the email contact form hasn’t been working and messages haven’t been coming through via email. It seems the most reliable way to contact us is by Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Instagram: sacredpentagraph or horsatradition

Twitter: @wolfacoven

Facebook: two links…





14 thoughts on “About the Wolfa Coven”

      1. Many types of magic for sure. We typically like the use of Mental Magic and Theurgy the most, but herbalism and mediumship are a coven favorite. In terms of the dark arts, I guess that would depend on what you define as the dark arts. Have a great rest of the week!


  1. If you are who I think you are. My wife and I have recently started frequenting your store in Mount Joy.
    We are interested in Wolfa. Might we just stop in to chat about that someday?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jordan! Nice to meet you! I’m not the owner of the store nor run it but I do know the folks that run the store in Mount Joy very well!


    2. Okay, I just asked them! They said to me that you are welcome to message them with any questions you have on their Facebook store page: https://www.facebook.com/moonravenalley/

      Or, if you and your wife would rather in person, anytime Friday evening through Sunday would be the best time in person to ask about Wolfa Coven or any of the other covens.


  2. Hi, so I’m 14 and I’m trying to find my way through Wicca/Neo-paganism, my mum used to be a part of the faith but recently converted to be a part of Catholicism like the rest of my family, I started my book of shadows this week and I now feel slightly overwhelmed as I try to navigate on my own. I know I’m too young to join the coven but is there any advice you could give me for just starting out?


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… a coven of British Traditional Witches practicing in the Horsa Tradition