Happy New Year

Wishing all a Happy New Year! As many plan the hopes and dreams of a new calendar cycle, one area often overlooked is self-control. If you can control the self in many ways so that actions are tempered for the betterment of ourselves and the good of all, then we have truly accomplished something. Self-control is not restriction; but it is freedom … freedom to be wild; freedom to be you and me. The Mother Earth manifests all things by having self-control – as nothing is in more control than the time it takes to plant and nurture a seed — factors can speed up or slow down the progress of a seed; but it still follows natural laws of the Great Mother. Through magic; we are able to do things that almost look supernatural — or able to bypass natural laws; but even in this, we are applying one natural law to affect another natural law in many ways with the aid of unseen forces. Coagula et Solve, Control & Release, Concentration and Dissolution.

“Great is he who controls the body, still greater he who controls the mind, but greatest of all, he who controls the heart.” -Garver, Brother of the Third Degree. 1894

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