Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Esbat — the technique I am going to talk about here is best known by the phrase today as “Drawing Down the Moon” which is a great poetic phrase for this – though our methods are carried out a little differently in the Sacred Pentagraph system per the Ancient Order of Bell, Book & Candle

This setup, done per traditional directions laid out by the High Priestess of the Wolfa Coven in Pennsylvania.

This layout is the ceremonial way to do this ritual, as we have on hand about a dozen or so ways to do this rite – some simple, some complex.

Our elders recommended performing this ritual 4 times per year at the full moons during the months of the Solstices & Equinoxes, since these are the Celestial Times set that start off the beginning of each season: Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn. It is attended by any member of the coven that is at least a First Degree Covener.

In the background an altar to hold other sundry items that may be needed for the rite.

The Medium or Oracle who is to read the portends of the immediate season sits in front of the cauldron tripod as the coven performs the rituals to create the correct atmosphere and invocations where portents, oracles & prophesy can be obtained.

It’s always important for a Coven Scribe to be present as well to write down any messages that come out — they may come slowly or in rapid succession depending on the needs of the initiates present.

Photos here taken in one of the temples used by the Wolfa Coven in Pennsylvania.

The Crystal Ball held at the top; if being performed outdoors in seasonable weather, catches the light of the Full Moon. If indoors, it is purely symbolic of the Full Moon.

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