The Garden Gate

This was a rough-draft musing of the path when I entered through that Garden Gate of Initiation … a beginning. There were many garden gates that day in the garden of the Witch who opened the path for me. She had at least 7 at random places, all carefully tended to. I chose a gate, and with my adamant will, I entered in. Some parts of that footpath had stones and barriers that were but methods I would come know as teachings in order to stand on my own two feet – I had to learn to walk if I was ever to fly. I had to learn what to do when I came across a stone or branch that made me stumble, and I am still humbly learning. The rose is beautiful; but she comes with thorns. In order to enjoy the beauty of that rose, I had to learn how to navigate those thorns and accept them as part of nature’s design. The Oak tree itself produces many acorns, but it only does so twenty, or sometimes many more years later. When those acorns do arrive those many September’s later, at the time of the cycle when we learn about the Law of Compensation & Reincarnation, we see that large and majestic oak was grown from such a small and humble acorn. Throughout my path, I have contemplated the teacheings of the Rose and the Oak many times… this is the story of that Garden Gate…

“There are many stops along the way,
And many footpaths you can take.
And when we reach the end, my friend,
we must all accept our fate.

It’s not about who travels quickest,
It’s not even the length of time,
It’s not about our times of weakness,
Nor the roadblocks that we find.

It’s always been about those moments,
Choosing wisely the path we take,
Whether coming in or going out,
Through that garden gate.

For many gardens we have planted,
And grown, and reaped our lot,
Take a moment to remember,
Fondly, what we’ve sought.

And when we reach the end, my friend,
Think back to that garden gate.
To know, remember, and awaken again,
The path we illuminate.”


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