What a Tree Teacheth…

I noticed that a tree that I had planted, while still young in terms of years that I have come to know it, had the most beautiful blossoms this year… more than in previous years.

I took the time to nurture this tree when it was new to my garden. The first few years it took a lot of extra watering, but now, on its third year since we had become acquainted, it is established and thriving with little need of my tending.

I can now admire its flowers and foliage. I can enjoy having a nice conversation with this tree … it is now happy just to be.

At times, in all of our lives, we feel a bit of wilt and need some fresh water, or if the brush grows too high we may feel crowded. I must tend to the space around myself (and my tree) if I want to encourage my own (and my tree’s) growth.

I have grown quite fond of this tree’s protective qualities. Once it is bigger and stronger, branches trimmed from it will not go to waste: for its bark is used to protect from bad spirits of phantasm, confounding them to turn back.

This, being one of many forms of sorcery gained by tree magic. Other trees provide the protection in their leaves such as ones coming from the Elm variety, and you can see it by the jagged edges of their leaves.

Trees, such as Pine and even the Oak have great restorative qualities in our religious practices and a sturdy healthy tree sends forth great amounts of life-force.

Once you befriend one tree you’ll yearn to befriend another. One you plant or tend to one tree, you might see the rewarding factor at watching it change year after year.

Today; when chatting with one very special High Priestess on the phone; she said that we all don’t do enough talking to the trees even though we emphasize this. I agree that we need to do more of it.

When is the last time you sat for a spell with a tree?

A tree sends a great network of roots into the Earth, but also reaches towards the Sun; drawing nutrients down to the roots.

We too can reach towards the unlimited supply of life-force, our Deity, and pull that life-force down through our trunks to nourish our metaphorical roots and many other acts of natural magic.

Blessed Be!


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