May Wine Full Moon, the Old Whitmastide

Photos from the May Full Moon Ritual in the Sacred Pentagraph. This ritual is known as ‘The May Wine Moon Celebration’, which is also known as the ‘Old Whitmastide’.

This was a beautiful ritual to perform. A few of us from the Wolfa Coven got together with initiates from Coven of the Sacred Scarab and Coven of the Alpha Wolf for this important Esbat.

This particular Esbat for the May Wine Moon is to raise the psychic consciousness to an at-one-ment with the Gracious Goddess so that the psychic lines are opened and insight can be received. The circle is not cast for this particular Esbat, but a psychic link is established by the members of the coven.

Flowers, Wine, Candles and Rye Bread figure highly in this ritual. Dance occurs during the invocations and music.

Tonight, many important psychic impressions and personal insights were obtained and shared with each other, along with the presence of a warm yellow-golden light. To put this light to use, we used the mental gymnastics of the mind along with vibration, tone and gestures to direct the yellow-golden light for the good.

The psychic channels were expanded and opened up and I look forward to being able to this one again when we can!

Blessed Be!


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