The Magic of Trees

One Initiated Witch’s Journal Notes: The earth’s magnetism is absorbed through the roots and up through the trunk and dispersed through leaves, flowers and fruit of the trees. Those with astral sight can see the leaves just radiate and dispense that life-force.

Which tree am I personally looking to form a bond with? Right now a dogwood. I am hoping to do so with a hawthorn. I hope to be able to plant one and start the process of forming a new friendship with one. If you have a lot of trees around you, you can find one that is already growing.

By concentrating your will on a new tree you planted, outdoors or in a pot, or finding one that you wish to have affinity for, then, just the sheer concentration of will toward the tree will begin the process of forming and understanding with it and will provide a space of contemplation. This happens because concentrated thought directs the human will. This concentrated thought directs the Ether which will attract the Elementals to that space.

Have you noticed certain spots or areas where magical work has been done over and over build its own atmosphere? That is because of the concentration of astral fluid directed by will which attracts the Elemental beings. These spirits love trees because they act as a conduit of the Life-force.

Blessed Be!


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