Solitary Vernal Equinox Sabbat

There are occasions when a witch must work solitary, such as if they are away from the covenstead or if they are sick. We do have plenty of provisions in place; including Solo Sabbat and Esbats for these occasions.

In this photo, you can see what a Solitary Sabbat for the Vernal Equinox would include. This was performed here by a High Priestess would couldn’t gather with the coven when they were recovering from an illness.

The Vernal Equinox is the beginning of the astrological year when Aries rules and starts the new astrological cycle – leaving the sign of Pisces.

Two candles flank the outer exoteric symbol of Wicca, the Pentagram. The candles are white and black and represent a doorway, a gateway, a time of entering of the new and walking the middle way.

The incense of a floral variety burns before the pentagram.

During the simple incantations, there are moments of meditation and reflection. The first meditative thought is on the Sun ☀️ and all new beginnings. This is why it is the most opportune time for initiations of many varieties.

The second meditation is on the points of the ⭐️ itself and that is reflected in the incantations: Fire 🔥 giving spirit to matter; walking in balance and avoiding excesses; Harmony with all things; trust and love and lastly – the life cycles that was and will be again; onward and upward, ever in progression.

Most initiated witches on our path at this time re-dedicate themselves to Wicca by re-affirming the Tenets of Witchcraft at this time. Being the time of the new solar cycle, it is a perfect opportunity to do so to express what each tenet has to teach us individually.

The unconquered Sun, which ever rises again contains a great deal of symbolism, and the doorways that represent the “Times” which are the solstice and equinox times initiate each season of progression.

Initiates who live at a distance from the covenstead join the rituals astrally through solitary Sabbats as well.

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