Writing Petitions

When an important message is to be written or even a most special & secret petition, we might put to use the most magical of inks from the alchemist pantry.

This fragrant and coveted formula makes a beautiful ink, and the recipe was delicately crafted by a High Priestess in the tradition – and what better feeling of nostalgia than the use of this ink pot pictured here?

Using a hand cut quill on special paper when sending out important intra-coven communique or even writing a secret petition to Deity or the Unseen Life-Force, makes this process extra special… all of this to bring forth from the inner-mind the correct feeling and emotional involvement necessary in the mind of one writing the letter, as well as in the mind of one who is in receipt of the letter.

When it comes to petitions, this ink becomes a fluid condenser – the correct amount of emotional involvement and feeling is then impressed upon the page.

The thought-form is released in the central baalfire of the magical circle, transported to the Universal Mind through method of combustion by way of the fire elementals.

This is but a simple practice, but just because it is simple, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an impact….. for the ink was made with the highest care and is highly fragrant with the correct scents to be able to get awaken the imaginative will!

So mote it be!


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