Candlemas or February Eve

At Candlemas or February Eve, we plant our seed-thoughts in the sleeping ground and ask the Great Mother to awaken. At this time, darkness may still cover the earth; but new life begins in the darkness. A new day begins at midnight, and the seed springs forth from the rich dark soil.

A coven of initiated witches will focus on the final outcome of our symbolic action … While snow may cover the earth in some places and the cold wind may still chill you to the bone, when we hold a single seed in our hands, with wisdom and faith, and plant it in the right conditions, we see the seed sprouting; turning to flower and fruit. We see potential of what can happen be. We concentrate on that harvest…. For one old proverb tells us, “each strong and mighty oak you see first started as a single and humble acorn.” For each of us, one simple and single seed-thought has the potential to sprout an entire forest… from harvest to harvest, the potential is there to spread around the world.

The nature spirits; the fairy beings of the elemental realm of Astral Light, spin their delicate magic below the ground. So too can we plant our seed-thoughts first within the mind.


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