Page 22 – A Witch’s Lament

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Sometimes, when sitting around the hearth with your favorite witches and hearing many stories, you will come across memories and nostalgia of things we all wish we could take back. All of us are guilty, at times, of saying to ourselves, gosh, why couldn’t I just shut up? I wish I would have handled such and such thing better. If you think back, you may find in yourself contemplating this very thing from time to time. So what is a witch to do?

Fortunately, A Witch’s Lament, as told here by Tarostar, describes a ritual in our religion that is done to address ourselves – which doesn’t take the place of making amends in person, but does address our spiritual needs for this.

We all need to seek forgiveness, and more importantly, learn from our mistakes, correct and change them — it’s a constant process of striving to be better and do better. (Obviously; this is not a replacement for medication or therapy – this is just one religious tool that we use spiritually in our coven)

This spell, performed on Sol’s Day (Sunday) is a perfect thing to do. If you are able, maybe work this spell each Sunday for as many Sunday’s as you need – one Lament per week in order to help bring peace and solace in your life. This is but one of the important ways to help you in striving to achieve The Tenet of Harmony when you are seeking to achieve an harmonious existence with all things.

Below you will find the spell A Witch’s Lament, as told by an Elder, Tarostar V*. All text is copyright 1984 by Rollin G. Bennien, filed at the Library of Congress and printed here with permission:

A Witch’s Lament, by Tarostar. From “Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire – Thoughts Upon the Heart of Wicca”

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