Page 9 – Beware a Witch Who Blows Upon Knots

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In this piece of knot-sorcery by the hearthfire, you learn the arts of ligature – to bind or tie with knots. Charms sung over knots made in a ribbon or cord is old magic to snare and bind. Many a tale has been told how to tie up the wind in the knots, tie up a storm or even tie up specific intentions in knots. You can hear many wondrous things around the hearthfire of a witch.

Even the witch’s cingulum which girdles the waist of all initiated witches in coven rituals is but a knot spell tying us firmly in our religion and is an umbilical cord to the Gracious Goddess who nurtured us to life in our physical vehicles, our bodies.

Those curious about the many uses of knot magic can lean in and hear many tales of their use if they inquire by the heartfire of a witch. As the Elder stokes the fire with the metal poker, and maybe adds another log in the hearth, you will be fascinated by the tales of how this magic was used to bind and release. With the scent of burning oak and apple wood, your senses will be heightened and much inspiration can be arrived at.

This spell invokes Venusian energy on a Friday night right before Luna reaches her full power to create a charm for love. It is practical love-sorcery at its finest. It also hints of other uses, but that tale best be saved for another evening around the hearthfire.

Below you will find BEWARE A WITCH WHO BLOWS UPON KNOTS, as told by an Elder, Tarostar V*. All text is copyright 1984 by Rollin G. Bennien, filed at the Library of Congress and printed here with permission:

Beware a Witch Who Blows Upon Knots, by Tarostar – Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire – Thoughts Upon the Heart of Wicca

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