Pages 13, 14 – The Witches Challenge

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Today around the hearthfire we learn of “The Witches Challenge.” Divination, the Psychic Arts and the foretelling of portends be but the theme.

Within The Sacred Pentagraph, we have many forms of divination taught, within coven, and also when reading for others. In coven, the skills of the medium is encouraged. These skills could practiced during weekly Sitting Circles of the Seance variety and can be fine tuned if at least one member can serve as a medium, or in circle when Scrying in the Goddess’ Name or Scrying in the Gods’ Name. There is a special ritual of mediumship performed as well by the High Priestess as the coven calls down the Goddess to speak through the High Priestess every third Full Moon as well. Another potent form takes place each year as part of the Hallowmas Sabbat in which the yearly Watchword of the coven is divined to portend the future. This word becomes a secret password for entrance into the magical circle for the year.

But this special poetic teaching, written here below by Elder of the Sacred Pentagraph, Tarostar V*, and shared with you here tells of a different tale … Sit closely by the hearthfire and learn of this wisdom known as The Witches Challenge!

In the areas of the Psychic Arts and metaphysics, many boast of their witchy prowess in public spaces. We’ve all seen it … and a Witch that has been around the block a few times can tell you how they’ve all heard wondrous claims. Most of the time, these claims seem to be spoken in order to be dismissive of others they feel are taking the place on their own self-created throne so they can grab the spotlight. They pound their fists and say their way is the only way. Well, instead of causing a scene or being rude yourself back which never helps, it is recommended you ask them to kindly “well, show us the goods then!” If you hear many excuses why they cannot show you the goods then, you have all the answers you need.

Many claim to be the “Real Witches” and go on about the depth of the arcane teachings and initiations they have received. Many will tell you how they have the real contact with the Guides on the astral planes. Well, okay then Witch/Psychic/Medium, show us thy goods and prove it!

Mileage in Witchcraft be far more important than pedigree or lineage if you have no real power to back up thy boasting.

Basically, this teaching around the hearthfire shows us, that those who have the power, need not boast of their exhaustive skills in the psychic and magical arts. If someone does have the power, you will know it! It exudes from them. There will always be those that dismiss others with these skills and those around them out of pure jealousy. Don’t play games or argue back with endless questions and banter, just ask them to prove thy claims. If they have the goods, as they boast they do, then you will soon know it!

Below you will find The Witches Challenge, as told by an Elder, Tarostar V*. All text is copyright 1984 by Rollin G. Bennien, filed at the Library of Congress and printed here with permission:

The Witches Challenge – Page 13, by Tarostar V*
The Witches Challenge, Page 14 – by Tarostar V*

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