Page 20 – Wotan’s Fire Magic

If you need to catch up and just joining us now to read through “Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire” – click here to view the pages and sections of the book.

This page, as told by Tarostar V* is about breaking a hex or a curse and sending it back to the one who leveled it at you. You will find two such spells which can be used on Wotan’s Day – which is Wednesday, under the influences of Mercury. The symbolism of Wotan brings forth a heavier aspect of the influence he channels here through the lens of Mercury.

As we said before in previous posts, we experience the power of the old gods through proper timing of spells as the planetary forces are how the powers of the old gods are focused on the earth. To everything, there is but a time and a season!

As you can tell from these two spells – one spell uses the sympathetic magic method of “breaking” something – the broken candle being the symbolic action of what you direct the elementals to do – the theory being to break the curse in this case and the psychic connection to that individual. That is but one method.

The second method is shown as well, in which the sympathetic action is performed in a backwards order. This time, by burning the candle from the opposite end instead of the right end – showing the elementals what you want them to do. In this case, the theory is that what you want them to do is burn away the connection, from you to them, so that the negative magnetism has no where to go but re-bound back to the sender.

Below you will find the spell Wotan’s Fire Magic, as told by an Elder, Tarostar V*. All text is copyright 1984 by Rollin G. Bennien, filed at the Library of Congress and printed here with permission:

Wotan’s Fire Magic – as written by Tarostar V*. From “Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire – Thoughts Upon the Heart of Wicca”


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