Page 16 – By a 13 Blessed Be

If you need to catch up and just joining us now to read through “Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire” – click here to view the pages and sections of the book.

A witch’s familiar – whether a cat or bird, is but such a blessing a witch and their coven. This tale is one witch’s telling of a black cat named Thirteen and is probably reminiscient of memories you may have heard from your own Witch Elders around the Hearthfire of tales they had about the special animals they cared for and what they meant to them.

At times, some witches find a special bond with animals and they feel that the animal can understand them, and they can understand that animal as well.

In our coven, the Wolfa Coven, we have many “Cat Moms” who baby their cat friends just as much as this poetry by Tarostar V* tells about – sometimes they are spoiled rotten of course, but it brings great joy to the witchy cat-moms who love them and have communication with them.

We are all children of the Gracious Goddess – both human and our animal kin. Blessed Be to Thirteen, and to any familiars you may have in your own life.

Below you will find By a 13 Blessed Be, as told by an Elder, Tarostar V*. All text is copyright 1984 by Rollin G. Bennien, filed at the Library of Congress and printed here with permission:

By a 13 Blessed Be, written by Tarostar V* – from “Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire.- Thoughts Upon the Heart of Wicca

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