Page 12 – The Face in the Triangle

If you need to catch up and just joining us now to read through “Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire” – click here to view the pages and sections of the book.

This be another spell of Venus and is a candle spell.

I have learned that when we talk about magical charms, many times, they are meant to be sung over. Incantations spoken in rhyme as a song has quite a hypnotic effect on the mind and it doesn’t take long for you to get into the correct frame of mind for the release of the power from the body when doing so. The tools and trappings used in these spells help to not only set the right mood, but also work to attract the correct elementals of the Grey Area (Astral Plane) by the scents used, the symbols placed and the actions involving these quite simple supplies. Proper timing is important to, as the Planetary energies behind them are how the old gods reach us.

This spell uses not only concentration and the mental gymnastics of the mind, but also giving to the intended person the item in which you’ve charmed.

Hopefully by now, dear readers, you have learned a little something about witchery and the arts of casting spells from these fantastic old spells set to rhyme by Elder Tarostar V* and the corresponding commentary and blog posts here around the hearthfire. Sitting here and typing this out, I am sitting directly across from my own hearth and I am looking forward to, in the coming months, warming that hearth with the first hearthfire of the Autumn season. Blessed Be!

Below you will find the spell The Face in the Triangle, as told by an Elder, Tarostar V*. All text is copyright 1984 by Rollin G. Bennien, filed at the Library of Congress and printed here with permission:

The Face in the Triangle by Tarostar V* – From a Witch’s Hearthfire – Thoughts Upon the Heart of Wicca

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