Page 1 – Intro to Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire

We are now brought to the introductory poem of witch-lore and legend of the Tales From a Witch’s Hearthfire – Thoughts Upon the Heart of Wicca written by Tarostar V* and published here with his permission.

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The Elder invites you to gather round by the light of the hearthfire to hear many a legend and tale – some passed down from previous generations of witches and some made of self-discovery in the art magical.

Legend and myth has quite a story to tell – for in Craft legends you find nuggets of wisdom that can be applied in everyday life. Life is but a spell – a story that we weave and integrate into our lives.

The path of the witch is simplicity. We ever strive to simply our lives. What could be more simple than listening to gentle stories of great love and tragedy, both hero and villain, and allowing it to help us form our future actions – spells and rituals, in Witchery. Do you meditate on the meanings of these stories in order to look at yourself in the great reflecting pool in order to Know Thyself?

Three candles, brightly burning, whether you chose to burn them in a row or even in a triangle pattern, touches upon our romantic side. Three candles could be used in the arts of divination or even in casting a spell. The three candles spoken of here are surrounded in a circle of Heather. As you know, the New Forest of England has abundant wild Heather growing. Its pretty purple flowers can almost make a thick carpet. While we don’t have wild English Heather growing here at the Wolfa Coven, we have successfully planted it in the past and can totally understand why it was used in sorcery and spell-making.

The Good Gods of the Ancient Wisdom Religion must be discovered by each witch. Through discovery of them and their principles, we come to understand the creation of all things which comes from this Universal Source of Power not only initiates, but responds in kind. We too can align ourselves with these energies in order to achieve an harmonious existence with all things.

Justice, being the Universal Law of Compensation, which some may refer to as the law of laws or even karma, brings us all times of great joy and times where we must strive to improve our conditions. This is carried out not only by the Law of Compensation, but is represented in our cycle of Action and Re-action or Initiation and Response found in our Sabbat rituals.

The power of the gods also reach down and guide us through the planetary influences. Hence, this is why rituals are performed in various timings – such as the use of the planetary hours and the phases of the moon. The understanding of these times gives us the proper times when it is most fortuitious to ask for a boon from these old gods through the lens of planetary forces.

Like this pages teaches us, stories both of love and of woe both have something to impart. Set to rhyme here, you can possibly find parts of interest and key points that can spark the imagination.

What mysteries from this have you discovered?

At this time, here is Page 1. Click on the image to be able to Zoom in if you need to:

{Page 1 – Copyright Rollin G. Bennien – filed at the library of congress. From “Tales From a Witch’s Hearthfire”)

For more information on The Sacred Pentagraph, click here.

Merry Come & Merry Go! Blessed Be!


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