Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire – Thoughts Upon the Heart of Wicca

This is the first post of the booklet page in a series over the next number of weeks. Check back here for more as they are released!

This booklet is filled with stories, craft myth & legend …. along with spells & sorcery. This has a feeling of gathering in around the hearth of a witch to hear tales, learn some practical sorcery and learn at the Heathfire of a Witch who has traversed the path for many decades! It was first written in 1984, and is copyright to Rollin G. Bennien, but it is our hope that you enjoy and that you use it. It is provided here for private use and not for commercial use. We invite you to re-tweet us on twitter or add the instagram posts to your stories along with hitting the share button on our Facebook page so it links back to the site or one of our social media accounts in order to help others who wish to learn from document to be able to access it.

The booklet is the same in content as the original booklet from 1984, but has had some modern Instagram-like art added for social media in order to stay up-to-date with the times. While we may be old-school witches, we do move with the tides and times! We enjoy simplicity, but believe that we must not get stuck in our ways.

Starting September 1, 2020; we will post a blog every few days or so with sections from the booklet for you to learn, read & enjoy! Check the page each evening to see when the new one is up or follow us on social media if you would like notification. Each one will be linked on the main Tales From a Witch’s Hearthfire page. You may download these pages and print to add to your own personal Witch’s Workbook. Please contact us on our instagram, twitter or Facebook pages if you have any questions on the booklet.

We begun the book now with the Cover page below and instill the thoughts and feeling behind this book….

As you all know, the hearthfire has been through many ages the heartbeat of a home – it provided warmth in times of cold weather and it provided the meanings of sustaining ourselves in times of hunger for cooking and preparing meals. In many ways, the modern kitchen has replaced the hearthfire as the “heartbeat” of the home, but we all feel a sense of nostalgia when we stoke the fires as we tell many tales – both legend and truth, both mysterious and unknown.

How many of us have sat at the hearthfire of a Witch-Elder in order to hear these tales in the silence of the evening and night hours? For myself, one thing that makes the gloominess and restful reflection of winter time so enjoyable is those special times when you are enjoying some good food and drink with members of the coven near the hearth. Tales of legends and witch-lore shared, and spells spoken softly to each other.

The tossing in the fire of dried herbs, even the spent remains of lavender stalks that have been harvested – after the flower buds have been removed and the stems burned, seems to set the ambience for that place that is outside of time and space. You feel the atmospheric change from such a simple act. It’s power is that of a widdershins movement – spinning earth-wise & attracting the power of the elementals. With petitions gently spoken to the fire, how can the witch-power not rise up spine and sizzle as it comes out from your fingertips and the chakrams of the body?

It is not just winter time when a hearthfire can be enjoyed. During the more temperate times of the year, gathering around an outdoor hearth for bonfire (only if it is allowed and safe to do so in your area) is equally just as sacred and brings up those memories of nostalgia of times past. That is why, during the times when we can gather for ritual outdoors, the balefire or need-fire is always in the center of the circle. You need few tools for these special times since the elementals are already there.

Above the fireplace you see a Pentagram flanked by two candles. In Sacred Pentagraph, this is used in a ritual during the full moon, and in the temple. If it is placed on the North Wall, it provides great protection for the coven stead as the incantations for this Full Moon Ritual is spoken.

You also see a bundle of herbs drying. We too, at the Wolfa Coven, dry herbs at the hearth, hung from the hooks of the mantle, to be utilized. Even if it is something so simple as beneficial catnip to be made into a tisane, or to be distributed to the cat-mum’s of the coven.

The broomstick, the symbol of the High Priestess, is utilized in Sacred Pentagraph as well. It is not just used for cleaning the space from bad influences, but also for “sweeping in” blessings and has a vital and very important role in our rituals.

The cauldron has alway been an important symbol in our tradition. It is not only used as the cooking-pot when outdoors for a Sabbat on the need-fire or balefire, but also used in special Esbat rituals in which either potions are cooked up or petitions are placed to be boiled up in a special brew. The cooking pot nourishes not only the body with its sustenance when cooking and heating the food, but also nourishes the spirit and mind when it “cooks” up the petitions offered.

Having thought about this and the cover, what are your thoughts? Click on the image to expand and see larger:

Cover of the Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire Booklet – Copyright Rollin G. Bennien, 1984 – filed at the Library of Congress.

Craft Elder, Tarostar V*, has worked diligently fostering the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition and has been involved in Witchcraft since 1967. This is a supplementary book that he as produced in order to add to Craft lore. He has diligently helped to organize Sacred Pentagraph into what it is today. Input into the tradition through deceased Craft Elders such as Charmaine Dey (June Day) and Sybil Leek; along with many others made the foundation to which it has blossomed. It is our hope at the Wolfa Coven, along with Tarostar’s hope, that you find much delight in these writings, insight and engage in discussion on your thoughts. We at the Wolfa Coven, and the many covens that have come from it, are here to network and form bonds and friendships. We are proud of the tradition, just as many of you are proud of the heritage and legacy of your own traditions.

Tarostar V* – Sacred Pentagraph Tradition

2 thoughts on “Tales from a Witch’s Hearthfire – Thoughts Upon the Heart of Wicca”

  1. I enjoy your posts and website immensely. I’m delighted that Tarotstar is still around and contributing on whatever levels. I remember his articles and letters to the old “Georgian Newsletter” back in the 70s-90s, and have licked myself soundly over the years, as I was too young as a teenager 9th grader in 1969 when shopping at Bell, Book & Candle in Las Vegas, Nevada to fully appreciate what was in front of me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so kindly ashareem! That’s wonderful that you got to visit the old Bell, Book & Candle when you were younger!

      Yes, Tarostar is still around and involved and we’re continuing on the work in the tradition.

      Hope that you are well! More pages from the booklet and blog posts to come shortly!

      Blessed Be!


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