The Witch Gods & the Ultimate Deity

In our tradition & lines, we are not dedicated to any god – they are principles to us, you may call them what you wish and believe what you wish about them.

Aspects and principles of the Goddess can be found in many forms. In Janet & Stewart Farrar’s book titled, The Witches’ Goddess, they reference the Supernal Mother:

“…Binah, the Supernal Mother, who first initiates creation by giving form to the raw directionless energy of Chokmah, the Supernal Father. Not until Binah has given birth to Chesed (as Diana to Lucifer) does the masculine aspect emerge as an organized entity, as distinct from pure energy.”

This is beautifully stated as it relates to Qabalistic studies. This also relates to the Wicca teaching that tells us that the Father aspect, the God, is the initiator and the Mother aspect, is the response. Meaning, she shapes and gives life to all things. Both are equal, as one cannot exist without the other.

Today in our world, the Great Mother, particularly in her aspect of the Moon Goddess and the Earth Goddess has tapped us in very deep levels. Those that don’t believe what we believe still find ourselves referring to Nature as feminine and even machinery, such as vehicles, as She… and this is because the Goddess is what affects us most in our physical world – which can be why many times we are witches will pay more attention to her than the Father aspect. She is the condensation and the solidification of matter, the response. He is the friction/movement and the fire. The Goddess has a greater role in the physical world than the God does – though, that doesn’t mean he isn’t equal, it’s just his role is different.

The Farrar’s wrote another book, The Witches’ God, which outlines just as much wonderful info about he God aspects too.

I found both of these books valuable, especially for the section on the various god-forms and to look up some of their general correspondences and mythologies. That can put you on track to be able to learn more about their stories.

If you are interested though in learning about god forms that are for the gay male witch – you will want to check out Casey Giovinco’s book, Garbed in Green. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

We do this in a number of ways. In our coven, we go back to our tenets, which lay out an occult philosophy to follow. These tenets are simple, such as the Tenet of a Balanced Life, Reincarnation, Harmony, etc. These are not designed to be parroted at anyone at a moments notice, but thought about holistically in all our areas of life in order to achieve a peaceful and harmonious existence with all things.

An activity that many of us have enjoyed greatly at the beginning of our path inward was the study of the Forty Seven Precepts of Cosmic Order, which is a contemplative exercise which includes a bit of journaling. The purpose of this is to teach correct thought and thinking, since witch power is directed by where we place our attention and thought, it is then important that we train ourselves on our own terms to achieve correct thought and to adjust our lines of thinking that will allow us success and to achieve the harmonious existence we seek for in all things.

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