Dreaming of Ritual Practice

“Students of occultism are well aware that it is indeed true that “thoughts are things,” for every thought impresses itself upon the plastic elemental essence and generates a temporary living entity, the duration of whose life depends upon the energy of the thought-impulse given to it. We are therefore living in the midst of an ocean of other men’s thoughts, and whether we are awake or asleep, these are constantly presenting themselves to the etheric part of our brain.”   (1)
-C.W. Leadbeater, “Dreams.” Originally published in 1898.

I would imagine that the power of the dream state has fascinated people since the dawn of time.  At times, our dreams can be upsetting and at other times our dreams can be most refreshing.  Either way, it seems that our dreams seem to be able to work out situations in the most remarkable ways.

“I’ll sleep on it” seems to be an almost instinctive way of trying to work out problems that we have yet to find answers.  How many times have you went to bed angry only the next morning to find your temper has cooled or problems that seemed overwhelming one moment were made clear or less problematic the next morning?  This seems to be a fantastic phenomenon to me and makes me think that if we all sleep on an issue before lashing out at others; we might get along better with other humankind.  This may be something that may be beneficial for us – as we live in a world where rapid communication happens in seconds.  How many times have you ourselves in disagreements online where one side of the argument escalates very quickly?  Tempers may have cooled if we only have waited until dawn the next day.

Many have reported wonderful accounts of premonitions that have come true as well.  Others may have found themselves dreaming about a particular individual only to find the next day that person was dreaming about them too!  I have experienced this phenomenon many, many times myself.  Usually people have been quite surprised to find this occur, especially our most skeptical friends!

I remember one very close friend of mine who is a staunch atheist, but has no problem or concern with my own acceptance and belief in the Ancient Wisdom Religion.   He was remarkably astonished to find that he dreamed about me the same night that I dreamed about him with remarkable similarities.  Of course, he still continued on as a staunch atheist, but opened up his willingness to explore other forms of psychic phenomenon such as astral projection.

Dreams may be but one way of cooling heated tempers, working out problems, and even a way of receiving premonitions; but at times can be a form of spiritual communication with those whom have gone before….

A remarkable experience seems to happen when you are an initiate of a coven line or lineage:  the ability to be plugged in to Guides of the coven that have transitioned from this life to the next and for them to communicate directly about coven practice through dreams and visions.

This is a re-occurring theme that seems to happen is where the coven guides communicate about rituals and magical practice through dreams.  I’ll give you an example:

One night during a dream, I walked into a beautiful antique shop and sitting in front of the counter/cash register was a stack of rituals on old yellowed paper. The deceased coven member I met in the dream said they did not have the chance to make full use of them so they were handing them on to me to see if I could make use of them.  Then, as if by strange coincidence, two weeks later rituals and spells arrived by mail to me from a close witch-friend on old, yellowed paper; I was astonished!  Situations like this have occurred more times than I can count.

Other times, I will receive information and magical practice from the Guides by dream as well – almost as if they are teaching me in a way they are able to reach me – through the dream state.  I have brought forth many spells and rituals in this way, having been taught them by deceased members of the coven line.

I decided to write this article today because I had another one of these dreams last night.  A wonderful witch somewhere in the coven line named Kim (whom must have passed away a long time ago possibly and I have not met psychically before?) shared with me a ritual booklet in this dream.  This booklet was stapled.  It was almost as if it was printed on large over-sized paper, folded and then stapled inside.  The document was for the coven and friends of the coven.

Of course, at times, I can’t always read all the words in this document in the dream state – but many times I can remember the photos.  I remember vividly the photo of a magical circle made on the ground in the forest with flowers in-between the two circles. The magical tools placed around the circle. Beautiful indeed!

After I heard from Kim and she showed me the document, I woke up around 4:30 A.M.  In days past before cell phones, it was recommended that you keep paper and a pencil by your bed to record down what you received.  So what do I do first thing?  Well, I grabbed my cell phone and after my eyes adjusted for 20 seconds or so to the bright cell phone light in the dead of night, I performed a search online via Bing search engine and on amazon.com to see if this was a booklet that someone had mentioned online or if it was in print somewhere.  I remembered pieces of the title on the front of the little booklet that was put together.  (I can’t confirm if Kim was the writer of the document, or if she was passing on what she was given? I searched for her too!)  

It is possible today to be able to make a short recording or video on your phone which enables us to get our thoughts down quicker than the old standby of paper and pencil.  See, a witch adapts to the newly available tools at his or her fingertips!

Unfortunately, the search turned up no responses to this document.  So if it does exist, I can’t find mention of it online or a search of anyone talking about it or maybe even the title was different.  So now at this point, I have to either wait and see if anything turns up from anyone I know, if it shows up, or it could be a possibility that if it doesn’t exist anymore, that I should write it down and create my own little booklet for members of the coven.

One skill I don’t possess well is the ability to draw or paint beautifully.  Fortunately, we do have members of the coven who can.  What I think this tells me is that when one of us does have a special psychic observation like this that you should work with someone skilled at drawing so they can translate the descriptions that were brought out.  This makes a wonderful magical cooperation!

I was able to download in my mind bits and pieces of the document – and if it doesn’t exist anywhere, hopefully through psychic means, I can transcribe the rest for the other members of the coven.

Through this, I can see how many other occult texts have been written – psychic inspiration through one form or another probably is how most of the world religions were able to have transcribed their own texts – from either Guides or entities or those dearly departed.  I would bet many of these came through or were inspired by dreams.

Usually I try to include photos in the blogs here that either a member of the coven takes a picture of or a photo I take on my cellular phone during the experience itself. I apologize for the lack of visual photos here – but I just couldn’t think what would be appropriate to put here at this time because the work of dream magic seems to require no other thing but your body and a place to sleep.

If the idea of dream work is something that you are interested in understanding a bit more – I can make a recommendation of a small little booklet that has been most helpful to me in the understanding of this type of psychic phenomenon.   I quoted the booklet above and also have listed full details below in the Bibliography of this article below so that you may find a copy of it if you wish.  It is a short read and has been most helpful in aiding me over the years to try and better understand how dreams work!

Blessed Be!


  1. Leadbeater, C.W., “Dreams”, The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar India. 1918. Print

3 thoughts on “Dreaming of Ritual Practice”

  1. Dreamwork has always come naturally for me, in fact I’d say it’s my primary channel to the Beyond. Premonitions, glimpses of the future (usually showing something just about to happen the next day) are perhaps what sounds ‘cool’ but for me personally that’s not what has had the greatest impact. Similarly to what you are describing there have been lessons, teachings of a sort, as well as spontaneous psychic connections with others. As well as much more! It is really a complex art, dreamwork, with many different aspects. In my experience the best way of learning it is not through books but through the dreams themselves, with a dream journal being the first step. The more you write down, the more you will remember!

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