Initiation and Spring

The interesting thing about initiation is that it not only inducts the new member into the path of witchcraft, but it will also have a deep-found effect on the participants as well.

It seems the preferred time period for initiation of a witch to be anytime between Candlemas and Beltane with the Spring Equinox being a preferred timing.  This is because the astrological year begins again when Aries the Ram takes over.   The Spring Equinox is a new cycle of initiation and new growth, so hence it makes sense that a new path be marked for the initiate.  As spring does send forth its new buds and flowers, so does the spiritual progression of an individual begin to bud and blossom too.

The time of the Spring Equinox can be a time of chaos because of the back and forth that we go through (here in the Northeast) of cold weather, warm weather and so forth. Spring seems to be reluctant at times, although eventually will bow to the inevitability of the unconquered Sun.

At this time, the initiate will go through a trial ordeal (sometimes as many as three) before swearing to either the vows or resolves of the initiate. 

May this new cycle of the season be a fruitful time for all the hidden children of the Wicca.

Blessed Be!


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