Gala Witchcraft – covens for gay and bi-sexual men

Even though this particular coven wordpress site is about our own Wolfa Coven, we do like to talk more universally about topics of interest and various things relating to witchcraft, the Wicca, the paranormal and even spiritualism and even about things that other folks that are connected to our coven are up to, doing or are interested in. Today, I wanted to write a short blog about a coven-based system and practice of witchcraft that is specific to gay and bi-sexual men…..

There are many traditions and covens of witchcraft in the world today.  As most coven are autonomous units unto themselves, each coven will generally have it isn’t own specialties and intricacies that are unique to each coven – even though many covens within the same tradition shares the same base.

I always like to describe the various witchcraft traditions in the world as “the foundation upon which the house rests upon.”  Each witch, being initiated into the mysteries of their own tradition, also develop their own unique practice that is right for them which sometimes leads them to discover or re-discover new (old) ideas that are just right for them. That means that witches typically will have their own unique practice they have built based on the foundation mysteries they are introduced to when entering a coven.  This sometimes means they eventually move on to discover even greater mysteries that are just right for them. This allows the practice of witchcraft to be ever dynamic and ever-changing.

Because of this, some ventures go on successfully for generation upon generation or even sometimes quickly fizzle out.  At the end of the day, witchcraft, in some form will always survive and be passed on; even if former practices inspire new practices.

One such practice of witchcraft that came into fruition about 4 years back is now called “Gala Witchcraft.”  The tradition itself has a new website that is:  Not much is listed yet on their new and improved blog and site, but they have said more will come in the future.

This coven-based tradition focuses on discovering the male mysteries that are unique to gay and bi-sexual men.  The founders have created a practice that is just right for them.  Initiates can be found on the East Coast and West Coast of the U.S. and it seems to have a wide interest among men who wish to explore the practices of witchcraft with other gay men.  Even though initiates are spread across the U.S., they still fly in to practice and get together once a year for a grand gathering.

As many of the readers of this blog are aware, witchcraft seems to find expression in many forms.  Some of those forms lead to the Wica, Wicca or even other forms of witchcraft that are either already established or are created based on need, motivation and desire.

I am also a firm believer that at certain times, certain practices are pushed forth into life from something outside and greater than the founders themselves.

I think we will see many great things in the future from them.  Stay tuned!  Blessed Be!


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