Sabbat of Yule

It was difficult for me to write about the Yule Sabbat for two reasons:  The first of the reasons that makes this one difficult to write about is because there is so much out there already on the magic and lore of this time of year that I didn’t want to be repetitive and the second reason is because there is not much growing outside in nature – making it less inspiring for me to write about.  Most of our posts have some sort of root or inspiration that comes from the natural world and our general love for all things growing and green.

A golden candle painted with red and green spirals representing the “Child of Promise” and the renewed light of the world. Increasing light and warmth before it lit by coveners in the temple.

When I look through my saved photo collections of rituals past over the years, even the amount of pictures taken at Yule is very slim.  This is surprising for me to realize, considering the fact that we typically have a lot of folks around us at this time of year for the Sabbat.   Since Yule is a time that many of us visit with our blood families, there is also a deep call for us to get together with our magical families, at least for us, in order to share a few small gifts, celebrate and just spend time with each other.  I know that some covens do not see their coven as a type of family in a sense – but we really do.  Love runs deep.

With all of that action going on, it looks like I still didn’t take the opportunity to snap a few photos.  I will have to remember to do that with the upcoming Yule and hopefully Yule celebrations in the future.

So what are some of the magical activities that we might do for Yule?

One of the first things we do at this particular celestial Sabbat is perform what is called the “Entering in of Death.”  This is a barren time of all of Nature (at least here in the Northeast) and we honor that time of death that occurs between Hallowmas and Yule with a somber ritual at least three days before the actual celebration of this Sabbat.  As we need sleep when the night comes, so too does Mother Nature. A few somber words are spoken quietly in the temple and then the temple is sealed off so that as Nature rests, so does the coven temple.  If any candles or spells are in progress at this time, they are taken out of the temple so that the temple can mark a somber period of magical silence.

Our magical weapons/tools are cleansed during this time to remove from them any stale vibrations they may have picked up, making them clean and refreshed before “Calling Forth the Child of Promise“ at the Sabbat ritual proper.

A Yule log will typically be decorated to be burned in the hearth if possible.  If not, a decorative Yule log will be flanked with red candles that are ceremonially lit before partaking of the Sabbat feast following the ceremony.

A decorative Yule Log made of white birch on the coffee table.
A decorative Yule Log made of white birch on the coffee table. Witches sharing Wassail while enjoying the soft glow of candle light. A purple candle burned nearby – a purple candle is lit by a teacher in the coven and kept nearby the teacher to represent the sharing of spiritual wisdom. It is lit before the teacher shares knowledge and extinguished when they are finished sharing and dispersing that occult knowledge with the coveners – it is known as the “Lamp of Art.”

We will decorate the magical circle with evergreens.  This is easy to do by going outdoors and cutting some pine and holly and bringing them indoors.  If you are lucky, the nature spirits may feel welcome to follow you –for bringing these evergreens indoors for decoration, you are letting the nature spirits know they are welcome to come in out of the cold and be warmed inside during this time.  The same theme is invoked when we decorate and trim the Yule tree.

Then, when the day of the Sabbat roles around, the ceremony typically starts off in the somber attitude, and then with the summoning forth the Child of Promise, the attitude becomes one of thankfulness, gratitude and thoughts of goodwill to man, animals and nature.  A re-dedication is made to the works of white witchcraft and the Craft as a whole.  Prayers are made to bring back the blessings of earth’s renewed light, which is also symbolic of our own inner light. Also, an asking of Supreme Being to kindle light and love within us is prayed.

The candles are anointed with Bayberry oil and if we are fortunate, we might even find candles made of Bayberry to burn during the night of the Winter Solstice.

However that you choose to celebrate this celestial Sabbat, we hope that the renewed and increasing light of the sun grows and glows within you. Blessed Be!

IWP_20160102_002f you wish to know more about a full Sabbat cycle, more info can be found in The Sacred Pentagraph by Tarostar. Click on the book photo to learn more.


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