Becoming a Wiccan

Becoming a Wiccan in our coven is “to become.”  This is stated beautifully by William G. Gray (1.) who said, “Magicians are not made, they make themselves.”


It is not Initiation alone which makes the seeker into the Wiccan; the seeker must become a Wiccan.  For although the initiation is conducted by another Wiccan who has undergone the necessary initiatory rites, we are but just conduits through which the seeker themselves tap into for this process to occur, and this is what keeps those of the Wicca-Priesthood up at night wondering if they have prepared the seeker well enough.

After the initiation, the seeker may thus begin the process to master his or her tools and their Craft.  For what is an “initiation” other than a “beginning?”

Wicca to us is not just the practice of casting spells and the performance of divinatory acts by the baalfire on a full moon night – it is also a religion in which many active and potent powers are recognized and can be tapped into.  Examples of this might be the receptive powers of the mind, such as forms of clairvoyance, past-recalling and association, or even active abilities such as the power of group-thought and the secret techniques of radiating that power along with the will-power generated by the witch.  Other lesser known forms used might even be the power of incantations, charms through melody, song and the vibration of sacred names.

One way a witch of our coven tries to incorporate of natural laws of the universe might be described as the great “push or pull” forces – attract or repel, so that the witch may re-order their life according to their intention by simple, calculated steps in which the universe will co-inspire to allow the unfolding to occur on its own.

Blessed Be!


  1. Gray, Bill; “Inner Traditions of Magic,” first published in 1970 and then in 1984 by Samuel Weiser, Inc.

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