Sabbat of Lammas

The Lammas Sabbat is considered a “Terrestrial Sabbat” and led by the High Priestess.  At this Sabbat, we celebrate the first fruits of the season and the Great Mother Goddess as a fruitful matron.  These are but symbols which symbolize to us that we are not only thankful for the first fruits of the “seed-thoughts” that we planted at Candlemas, but also that we are just beginning to reap the harvest of those “seed-thoughts” with full recognition and acceptance of our “harvest” when the Fall Equinox comes which gives unto us the final outcome of the symbolic garden we have planted – the full manifestation of the thoughtforms set into motion at the earlier seasonal ceremonials.


Along with the normal bread and wine partaken of at the “Love Feast,” fruits and cheeses are also shared at this time as well in circle.

This ritual has a three-part feast:  the first part is the feast of bread and wine in the magical circle, the second part is the offering of bread and wine to the Mother Earth and then the third part is the Feast enjoyed with much celebration after the ceremonial is complete.

This is actually a wonderful time to spend outdoors at night – especially with the nice warm night summer air, a baalfire burning and your friends laughing, telling jokes and having a great time.  These warm summertime Sabbats and ceremonials do seem to remind us how much we enjoy the summer!

If you wish to write and participate in your own Lammas Sabbat, an excellent book I recommend is “The Sacred Pentagraph” that was published by a mentor of mine: Tarostar.  Also, on page 46 you will see a photo inside our Wolfa Coven temple space performing the ritual, “Centering of the Cone.”

Blessed Be!

Hearth Pic


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