Rite of Summer

A seasonal festival celebration & ritual….. A description and re-telling of a ritual that may have happened in a place between the worlds, in a time and place that is outside of time and space:

The ritual was opened by the four officers of the quartered cosmic cross: by sword, by rod, by chalice, by shield, salt and cingulum that binds all things together.

The Baalfire is representative of the Supreme Being in rituals. Within the fire you can also the burning of the old May Eve Maypole with ribbons of red and white twined about.

A meditational symbol was placed on the altar between the white and black pillars.  The seed that was planted within the earth-pot during the Rite of Spring bloomed and has passed, and now a blooming yellow flower was added and it was given a new “name” as the seasonal watchword and password into the circle of coven companionship.

Petitions were written by each witch according to the appropriate seasonal theme and burned in the baalfire.  Summer is all about what we can weed out from our lives and what things we must cultivate. Each witch inwardly faced themselves in the mirror to determine what is best for each of them and presented to the Mighty Ones through fire.  The ashes were then mixed in with the seasonal meditation symbol.

All witches jumped the baalfire multiple times, as per the seasonal custom.

Before closing the ceremony itself, we also sung together a seasonal cheerful song that corresponds with the season.

Onward in the seasonal progression…..

Blessed Be!



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