An Exploration of Sea Witchery

Two outer circle members of the coven recently went on holiday to the beach and brought back to our covenstead a great bundle of goodies in their time spent exploring “Sea Witchery.”

All sorts of interesting and wonderful curios from the beach!
All sorts of interesting and wonderful curios from the beach!

Above in this photo you can see all sorts of things. (Though many items are buried in the basket and cannot easily be seen)  The majority of the items were collected on the beach itself and a few purchased items mixed in for good measure.  The bottles you see in the photos also contain recipes made from natural items on the beach, mixed with salt, such as a “Witches Bottle” and a bottle of sea water.

Pieces of coral, shells, exoskeleton of a sea creature, mermaid purses and other such wondrous goodies can be found, including bits of rope washed up on the beach and very interesting stones and rocks.  Some rope was even used, attached to heavy looking and pointy seashells to make rustic pendulums too.

The claws collected from the beach were carefully tied and bound as well to be used.

All of these things – and I have to admit that I don’t know what all of the goodies inside this bundle of treats are yet, need to be sorted so that we can get on with figuring out exactly how we can use them for magical purposes and put them to use so that no item goes to waste.

Typically in our coven, we don’t write a whole lot of new spells since we have quite of a collection of traditional spells that have been handed down to us for many years that seem to suite our purpose – but on occasion, inspiration shines down on us that may inspire us to write some new additional spells.

The ladies who made this trip to the shore spent their entire time performing Sea Witchery, allowing the Great Mother Goddess and the Horn’ed God; along with calling on their own personal guides, to lead their steps to find these items.  They “asked” for these gifts and “asked” for signs and upon asking for these natural gifts of wonder, they continued to receive and stumble upon items as if by sheer coincidence. (And this basket of goodies is only a SMALL portion of what they found – they had a car full of items, as they also brought items back for their coven Sponsor, themselves and enough to share with others if they needed.)

So it was an interesting experience listening to them illustrate for us what they did, what they found and what they thought the items may be used for.  Were they guided? Most definitely!

I’ll sum up the thoughts of this with the following question to ponder:  How many witches that are members of covens take trips out to places that are yet unknown to them in order to find out what gifts they may be able to ask for and receive and bring back and share that knowledge with their coven?  How many today reach outside their comfort zones, with no particular plan in mind and make a leap of faith that says, “Well, the trip will be worth it.  If we come back with something, great! If not, that doesn’t mean we haven’t learned an important lesson!”

The above questions are not to imply that other covens don’t do those things at all, because I don’t really know what other covens do or don’t do, so maybe it is more of a rhetorical line of questioning to contemplate and ponder.

At the end of the day, these items themselves may end up enchanted, used in the construction of a unique talisman or even in the performance of incantations.  I guess time itself will tell – but I know I will enjoy the journey of figuring out how we can use them in our coven!

So as you can see, leaders of covens who share so much with the other initiates are often taught back in very unique ways by even the newest members seeking the path of initiation.

To those two outer circle/Probationers of the coven, I say thank you for teaching us back!

And to any readers out there, if you have any ideas you would like to share with us on how these items of the sea can be used, please feel free to share with us your ideas if you are willing.

Blessed Be!


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