Herbalism: Books & Writings

The Study of Herbalism: both for herbal remedies and also the occult properties of herbs, has been a popular subject in the last 50 years and continues to grow in popularity.   Fortunately, there are many choices that can be chosen from for study, which can take many, many years and still never be able to know it all.  The interesting thing is, we are still constantly learning more and more about what herbs can do and the effects they can have every day.

One of my favorite sets of books is by renowned herbalist: Ann Marie Wishard, owner of Sweet Annie Herbs.  These wonderful books were available from her brick and mortar store located in Huntingdon, PA or from her online store.

Herb Talk is a great book in binder format and in sections:  Ailments, Herbal Formulas, Individual Herbs & Supplements.  The Healing Herbs book goes through many herbs and their uses and also things such as how to make salves.  These are both my “go-to” books for quick answers on herbs.

WP_20160410_001Herb Talk and Sweet Annie’s Healing Herbs

A variety of wonderful little booklets are available at herbal shops around the country.

The following four booklets are specialized by topic and were purchased from The Rosemary House in Mechanicsburg, PA.  They are of the following subjects:  Folk Medicine Plants used in the Penna. Dutch Country by Paul R. Wieand, Cold & Flu Relief by Dorie Byers, Making Your Own Incense by Tina Sams & Maryanne Schwartz and lastly, Balms & Salves by Tina Sams & Friends:


Mrs. Reppert’s “Twelve Month Herbal” is a wonderful  collection for each day of the year:


Black Tea, White Tea and Green Tea have more varieties than we can imagine.  Learning about them and how all the different ones taste and recommendations on serving it can take quite a while, but thankfully an interesting book has been written called “The Healing Power of Tea” by Caroline Dow:


Books of a magical or occult nature are popular.  The following titles can be of help to the seeker of ancient and modern folklore, along with being filled with charms and enchantments:


Herbal Book of Spells by Aima, The Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl, Mugworts in May by Linda Ours Rago, A Compendium of Herbal Magick by Paul Beyerl, Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham & Mastering Herbalism by Paul Huson

Sybil Leek never fails to disappoint with wonderful books on herbs that we love very much.  The following are two books on herbs by Sybil:


Sybil Leek’s Book of Herbs and Herbs: medicine & mysticism

These books are classical books.  The last one listed on the end, The Herb Book by John Lust is another one of my “go-to” books:


The Old Herb Doctor by Joseph E. Meyer, Gerard’s Herbal & The Herb Book by John Lust

The last book we will show in this blog is a book by Sarah Lyddon Morrison called, “The Modern Witch’s Book of Herbs and Healing.”


Enjoy your research!


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