Casting a Spell

It seems that everyone who comes to the occult arts that the first thing they search for is spells.

Where does a new seeker to the occult and mystical arts of spellcasting turn? Where can they not only learn about the theories of spellcasting, but also some actual spells they can try out for their own?

The first set of recommended books is the series of “The Golden Bough” by James Frazer. Today, it is hard to find all the volumes of the Golden Bough – if you can’t, the first two volumes are typically put into one volume and will give you a great deal of information: “The Magic Art, Volumes I and II.”golden bough

What if you want a more direct approach to the theory of spell making? One of the best volumes that we recommend is a title by Sybil Leek called “Cast Your Own Spell.”

In this book, you will learn the important theories of magic such as what mummial magic is, what homeopathic and contagin magic is. This books is indeed the ultimate guide that will teach you very important theories in magic.

Now how about some classical spells and the practice of sorcery?

“The Magic Candle” by Charmaine Dey is a great book on the arts of occult candle burning. You will learn about casting spells during the planetary hours and how to calculate them so your candles can be lit at the proper time and hour.

You will also learn about using candles in combination with magical seals and oils and how to bless the candles.

The next books are by Tarostar, who is a friend of our coven. Some of his books are:

1. The Witch’s Spellcraft
2. The Witch’s Formulary and Spellbook
3. A Book of Shadows
4. The Spiritual Worker’s Handbook

Happy spell making!


3 thoughts on “Casting a Spell”

  1. It has always astounded me that people are usually searching for the quick fix and not doing all the work necessary to successfully create a spell. When teaching spell work to the novice, down and quick is usually the primal foundation. With the help of further studies, gaining more knowledge and of course practicing, practicing, documenting, making changes, rechecking correspondences, carefully stating intent, etc al, that is what builds the foundation for a successful practioner of magics.

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