Sabbat of Beltane

We look forward to the season of Wine and Roses every year. To us, this is known as Beltane and is one of my most favorite Sabbats of the year.

WP_20150503_007Our coven typically dances the Maypole dance at this Sabbat celebration after the performance of the Sabbat ceremonial. This is because we typically like to do up a big Maypole and want to keep out of the area any potential tripping hazards and also so that chairs are nearby for coveners so they may quickly sit down and rest for a few moments immediately afterwards and have a quick sip of water because the Maypole dance can be quite an exercise!

WP_20150502_006If at all possible, we try to be outdoors for much of this ritual festival. We will also typically light a baalfire during the festival so that those of the coven who wish to may “jump the fire” for luck in love and for the granting of wishes.

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The ashes from the baalfire are typically saved so that the witches can take home the ashes to fertilize their garden with. These ashes represent all that was burnt off from last year – burning off dreams that have been released, wishes that have been fulfilled, and old magical charms: burnt and then transformed to serve as fertilizer.

Blessed Be!

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