Sabbat of Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is the astrological New Year for us and is when Aries the Ram greets us again once again like a long lost friend. The tide of winter has finally past and hopefully by this time, we will not receive any further snow and can look forward to longer, warmer days and digging around in the garden.


I have fond memories of many past Spring Sabbats – probably because in our Pennsylvania climate, it is easy to celebrate this Sabbat outside. The nights are still cold, but we typically will be able to have a bonfire outdoors and a warm blanket on our laps to keep us warm if we spend it outside.

In my garden, I typically will rake out the last dregs of fall leaves that cover the garden beds and pick up small fallen branches and twigs: saving them for baalfires with the coven. Early spring flowers and bulbs are put in the ground.

I will typically buy a few Easter lilies and decorate the coven temple with cut twigs of pussy willow and forsythia which are typically in full bloom right at the Spring Equinox or just right after.

Last year was a cold year, so the pussy willow just barely opened and the forsythia wasn’t anywhere near ready – so it was only pussy willow in the temple and on the altar. Hopefully this year we will not have a cold spring and both will be able to grace our coven temple at this Sabbat again.

Because it is a “Solar New Year” for us as Wiccans, we typically will express messages within this Sabbat of re-dedication to the coven. In the ritual we may recite the “Tenets of Faith” to refresh of understanding and contemplation of the Tenets in our tradition.

These “Tenets” are not dogma, nor are they a list of 10 commandments: they are ideals that we aspire to. We don’t memorize pages of their meanings that we need to recite like a grocery list, but internalize them and contemplate on what they can mean for our in our lives.

Because it is a time of “new beginnings,” it is also the traditional time of initiation of neophytes and probationers that have been studying to become initiates and witches in the coven.

We hope that this coming Spring Equinox that is approx. 24 days away will be a wonderful time for you and your coven!

Blessed Be!


3 thoughts on “Sabbat of Spring Equinox”

  1. Here in the South, Spring has already started to show us it’s favors. We have many signs that hearld the warming of Mother Earth. I will continue to embrace my new beginnings, having so many reasons to experience excitement. May the gods grant all of us continued good fortune in return for our pledge of fealty to the craft.


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