A Golden Age?

A phenomena that seems to pop-up in every age is the idea and ideal of a “A Golden Age” in time where life was peaceful, tranquil with no hostility and war. A time when the people lived in harmony, great technology and great prosperity.

This seems to be a phenomena as well in many Pagan circles, articles and books as well where the discussion of “Once upon a time….” when “everyone was some sort of pagan” that the world was in great harmony and no one fought about politics or religion and just accepted everyone’s differences as equal.

This ideal of this “Golden Age” is not just an ideal of modern times, but seems to be a re-occurring theme of ancient times as well. The funny thing is: Today, many Pagans of the last 60 years or more have looked back to the time of the ancient Egyptian cultures and those in Mesopotamia and considered that time a Golden Age. The interesting part is, the same folks that lived at those ancient times (such as in Ancient Egypt) in the ancient civilizations looked back to the past when this golden age existed before recorded history.

Some folks have also looked to ancient Greece and Rome as a time of the Golden Age as well….. But the interesting thing on that was even Plato wrote and introduced us to the idea of a golden age that proceeded their time when the great civilization and continent of Atlantis was around – looking at that time as a time of great prosperity, happiness, technology, mathematics, sciences, etc.

So why does this ideal Golden Age keep popping up in modern occult circles and also among the ancient civilizations as well? Is this something that when this ideal was lost that it became so ingrained within our DNA memory banks and calling us to elevate civilization in order to create another great Golden Age in time again? (As a side note, over 90% of our DNA is considered “junk DNA” because we have not yet cracked the code of what it does and its purpose. Maybe someday when we do, science may discover what we have suspected the possibility of – that DNA, going back through time, keeps hold of actual memories of past times and lives and even memories of our own ancestors that we only get tastes of in flashes and dreams at times. It is an interesting thought though, isn’t it?)

Most witches and pagans of many persuasions have had some kind of ideal or idea in their mind of this magical point in time when folks were free in every sense of the word to practice what they do. If you search your own memory banks on your own magical journey, you may have had flashes of what this utopia may have been…. Maybe something that could be described as Atlantis or something on MU possibly? Who knows?

We do know that underwater cities exist – that islands and cities that were once above water and dry land are now buried under water. Some of these cities have been found under water. Could one of these underwater cities have been Atlantis? Have we already discovered this land and place that even ancient civilizations today looked back on with awe and wonder of their advancement and we don’t even know it? Have we yet to discover it?

Golden Ages may be an ideal in closer history than we all think:  How many of you have heard your older relatives or even Wiccan Elders say, “Back in my day………” and revel in the fact that (fill in the blank) was so much better and such and such time?

Blessed Be!


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