House Blessing Ritual

The purpose of a House Blessing in Wicca is designed to bring the spirit of the Gracious Goddess and the Good God into the new home that you move into. Whether you move into this space as a couple, or by yourself, it is part of our religion to welcome Deity into the new home to dwell with us.

On the altar you can see the items that are used in the house blessing. A candle, salt, bread, incense.

As part of the Sacred Pentagraph tradition, there is an extraordinarily effective house blessing that can be done that we love very much. A copy of this old ritual has been made available and can be found in “The Sacred Pentagraph – Books I – III.”

This ritual is best performed at the time of the New Moon.

If you view the photos, you can see the simple items that are used in this ritual: Incense of Frankincense, a magnetized candle, bread and salt. All of these things can be said to symbolize the good things in life. Salt sustains and purifies, bread nourishes, incense heightens us and the candle warms us.

What is the purpose of a house blessing?

The primary purpose in my mind is first to let the Old Gods they are welcome into this space and into your life. This is a space where we make them feel welcome and invite them in with this ritual. It is not only a sanctuary for us to reside, but also a sanctuary for them to reside.

The second purpose is to erase any previous emanations from the previous owners or tenants so that any lingering presence will not be of an adverse affect to you.

The third purpose is to ask for the Old Gods blessing.

Likewise, if you move out of a home, there is also included in order to banish the emanations that could be remaining in the home – to free it for the next inhabitants who will live there. This simple ritual uses an egg for that banishing and can also be found in the book.

It is very important, especially in places where you have performed magic, to free the home as much as possible from the magnetism that you have left there if you leave it. I call this good psychic hygiene.

Blessed Be!


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