Children of the Stars

One of the main tenets of witchcraft is a belief in a Supreme Being from which we have all come, and which we shall all return.

The Bhagavad Gita quotes this “God” as saying, “Having created the Universe with a fragment of myself, I remain.”

Ancient people and even mystics today view that our heritage and divine parentage is “of the stars.” In fact, one of our most sacred rituals described as “traveling amongst the stars.”

In 1952, W.E. Butler wrote in his fantastic book, “Magic: It’s Ritual, Power and Purpose” the following quote that demonstrates this as well:

“The magician, seeing how the Supreme has “constituted the services of angels and men in wondrous order” sees himself not as a stranger in the universe, not even as a separate being apart from it, but as part of that living diversity in unity…….”

Our bodies are born of the earthly plane, but our parentage lies amongst the stars.

Blessed Be & Happy New Year!


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