Witches on Vinyl

During the early 1970s, a number of witches released their own vinyl records through various record companies. Three of these records stand out among the rest.

Gundella – Hour of the Witch

This is by far my favorite of the “Witches on Vinyl” post. In this, Gundella (Marion Kuclo) gives instructions on how to cast spells. She emphasizes that you must be initiated to be a witch, but anyone can access the power of magic at some level, so she gives you advice on developing a bit of talent and gives a number of spells that any sexy sorcerers or dashing sorcerer could potentially try their hands at.

Sybil Leek – Astrological Delineations, your birth sign and your music


In the world of witchcraft, the name of Sybil Leek was legend. She was the world’s “Best Known Witch.”

Sybil’s major love was astrology, and this record is a product of that love. In this, she pairs astrological music with the signs of the zodiac. Very entertaining and gives you music that can help align your own sign’s harmonic energy with the power of music.

Louise Huebner – Seduction Through Witchcraft

In the late 1960s and through the 1970s, Louise Huebner was a well know witch who released two well-known books and at one time was deemed “The Official Witch of Los Angles County.” On this record, (though, I don’t have the record of hers – only the compact disc) Louise outlines some of her better known spells and teaches the listener all sorts of things that may have been of interest to a modern witch of the 1970s genre.

A number of other witches did various recordings that were released during this same time period. Another known record was even made by Alex and Maxine Sanders titled, “A Witch is Born.”

I have also been told that some traditions of witchcraft taught coven members who lived at a geographical distance via audio tape when travel wasn’t feasible, such as the Georgian tradition from California.

I truly wish that more witches would have made records at that time period – or even made interesting compact discs in the 1990s. This method of disseminating information has become a lost art as we move on in time to disseminate through the technology of today…. Such as blogs and v-logs!

What will come next after blogs and v-logs are a thing of the past? I guess time will tell!

Blessed Be!


4 thoughts on “Witches on Vinyl”

  1. They deal with some edgier stuff, but there’s also Anton LaVey’s Satanic Mass EP (which contains a recording of the baptism of his youngest daughter Zeena) and Vincent Price’s Witchcraft Magic: An Adventure in Demonology, which includes some really fascinating historical tidbits. (Plus, it’s awesome listening to Vincent Price talk about anything, let alone witchcraft). The LaVey album is exceedingly rare, but you can probably find it on YouTube if you’re interested, and I know for sure the Price album is on iTunes and Amazon.


  2. A couple more that I remember seeing in the ’70s and early ’80s include a record by “Deborah the Gray Witch,” and when I lived in West Hollywood in the early ’80s and visited the famed Sorcerer’s Shop on Santa Monica Blvd, I had the privilege to meet the proprietress, Babetta, who also had a record titled “The Art of Witchcraft,” http://bit.ly/2xt6XDr And, of course, let’s not forget the legendary first album by the late bard Gwydion Pendderwen, “Songs for the Old Religion” (1975), which contains much beloved Craft music and lore woven in the lyrics. (Incidentally, Victor Anderson also was known to teach initiates at a distance through casette tapes. Some of these still exist in private collections.) In the late ’80s, I found a record by British Pagans Seldiy Bate and Nigel Bourne titled “Pagan Easter” (1987), http://bit.ly/2i011e7 In recent years, Starhawk has produced several educational recordings on DVD and digital downloads, including “Way to the Well,” “Earth Magic: Sacred Ritual for Connecting to Nature’s Power,” “Wiccan Meditations,” “Wiccan Rituals and Blessings,” and “The Beginner’s Guide to Wicca.” Although mainly producing Celtic-inspired rock, there is definitely something witchy about Sharon Knight’s famed 1996 CD “Incantation” (her band, Pandemonaeon, also recently covered a song written by Victor Anderson for Pendderwen’s first album). This was an interesting recent find: Dave and Toni Arthur’s 1971 release, “Hearken to the Witches Rune,” https://blog.eil.com/2016/09/05/dicks-picks-hearken-to-the-witches-rune-rare-pagan-hippie-folk-vinyl-lp-by-dave-toni-arthur/ Thanks for a great blog post!


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