More Interesting Books

In this post, we thought it may be a good idea to briefly discuss a few more book selections that may or may not be of interest to seekers and adepts alike….

The first set of books were published by Herman Slater.  “Magickal Formulary, Books I and II”:


When Slater was alive, he owned the famed Magical Childe occult store that was such a gathering place for anyone who was involved in the occult.

These two books seemed to be an old stand-by for occult condition oil, incense recipes and magical powders.  The formulas are listed in Book I and Book II is the companion spellbook.

The next book is by Raymond Buckland: Practical Candle Burning.  This book is now named: “Practical Candle Burning Rituals.” 


This book is an old stand-by with rituals and spells listed for just about any purpose you can think of.  This book gives candle rituals in both a pagan format and a Christian format.

The practice of candle burning for the purposes of spell making is still to this day quite popular among many witches and occultists, which is why I know we still refer to this book today.

The Story of Faith Healing,” by Sybil Leek:


This is a classic book by Sybil Leek that explores the practice of faith healing among various types of metaphysical healers, including Christian Science, Rosicrucian, etc.  It also explores some of the occult meanings behind the healing stories in the Bible.

Then we have, “The Modern Witch’s Spellbook, Books I and Book II” and also “The Modern Witch’s Guide to Magic and Spells,” by Sarah Lyddon Morrison.


The book in the upper left was the first printing copy from the early 1970’s.

At one point, it seemed that almost everyone involved in witchcraft had at least a copy of the first book in her series on magical spells.  Book II is a continuation of Book I, and the third book has a mix of Huna, Obeah and Rootwork in her further studies.  They are curious spellbooks indeed.

The last book here is by Maeve Rhea called, “Summoning Forth Wiccan Gods and Goddesses.”


This book is a helpful one in regards to truly understanding some of the basics of invocation and evocation.  I know I occasionally find myself referring back to it from time to time.

I became a fan of reading Lady Maeve Rhea’s books in the early 2000’s when I listened to her present a small class at a local Pagan Pride Day event here in Pennsylvania in which she read her booklet, “Listen with the Soles of Your Feet.”  While listening to her read the booklet, I was in tears hearing the words – as I knew she in fact she summon forth something definitely real and was a channel for it to the world.  I still have a copy of the booklet of it she gave us in the study that I still down and read again once or twice a year.  It was an experience I will never forget.

Blessed Be!



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