Lucky Rabbit’s Foot! Four-leaf clover! Crosses! Crucifix!

In the world of the paranormal and the occult, amulets and talismans have always been popular the entire world over. I don’t think that one country on this planet exists where people did not carry, hang or wear an amulet or talisman of some kind.

But first, let me give you a brief description of the difference between what an amulet is and what a talisman:

Amulet – Any object or charm used for the protection of something or someone. It is designed to keep evil away.

Talisman – Any object or charm used to attract certain favorable conditions or to increase luck in certain activities for someone or something. Typically, talismans will be more complex, whereas amulets are more often designed to be simple in their construct. In the Christian religion, many Christians wear either a simple cross or a crucifix as a symbol of their faith and also so that the Lord will continue to watch over them. I know I have seen Christians who have worn a cross or crucifix and upon hearing bad news, would instinctually touch or grasp the necklace – symbolic of finding strength in their faith.

The actual grasping of a religious item, no matter what the religion, could possibly be an instinctual carryover that is buried somewhere deep within genetic-memory. It is also similar to knocking on wood or a tree in times to prevent something bad from happening by invoking the dryads within the tree. Catholics in a similar vein may hold their rosaries tightly, also drawing strength from their Lord – as a silent invocation. The carrying of rare objects, such as rare stones, jewels, old items passed down reputed to be “protection charms” and the elusive four leaf clover are all charms that because they are considered rare and therefore, special. They have “faith” that these items will add a special protective shield around them when they place it in their pocket, a bag, a purse or hang it around their neck – regardless if they are religious or not.

Another rare object used as an amulet is Staurolite which is a rare mineral that naturally forms in the shape of a cross. You can even find your own by going to placed such as “Fairy Stone State Park” located in Virginia. Because of its rarity, it is deemed to be special and many folks have carried them as a charm of protection from all walks of life.

The question is, are these items special just because the objects themselves are rare and hard to get, or is it all just silly nonsense? Is the feeling of “specialness” what makes the mind give you a boost of confidence?

Those who are psychic and sensitive to subtle impressions of objects would say no indeed. Those who practice the psychic arts of psychometry will tell you that you can if certain power is present in certain kinds of amulets or power objects. The same could be tested with implements such as the pendulum and also seen by those with clairvoyance. Sometimes the items themselves, even the pre-manufactured ones, may be nothing special at all – but because everything vibrates at a frequency, they absorb certain qualities or magnestism that the owner of said object may subconsciously place in the item. Amulets may not be just simple or hard to find objects and artifacts. They could be also rather complex designs inscribed on sacred metals such as some of the pentacles that can be found in “The Greater Key of Solomon” or “The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.”

Another type of advanced amulet would be found here in Pennsylvania and is called a “Himmelsbrief,” which is Pennsylvania Dutch for “Heaven’s Letter.” Himmelbriefs are created by Pow-Wows, which are practitioners of a form of faith healing that uses simple charms for everyday practical uses. The Himmelbriefs created are written on a piece of paper and is a protective amulet that is reputed to keep you from dying in a tragic accident.

There are very old Himmelbriefs that were used a long time ago by Pow-Wows and we know what they say because some of them still actually exist and have survived for a very long time. Some can be very plain and others may be highly and beautifully decorated. After it is given to the person requesting it, they owner usually carries it on their person at all times. It may even be placed into an envelope, or even protected in a cloth bag neatly folded up.

In regards to Talismans, many are typically a tad more complex. The reason for much complexity at times is because of their manufacture. Through varying occult means and rituals, items are said to absorb the magnetic vibrations of the manufacturer of the talisman.

With the witch or sorcerer’s mind firmly fixed on said-end goal/intent for the talisman and through occult correspondences such as the correct time and date, energies are absorbed into the object so that it radiates with a magnetic pull, attracting to you or it the circumstances in which it has been instructed. It is because these items are designed to be “magnetic” in nature – and not magnetic by means of a magnet, but meaning an occult quality whereby the object is designed to “draw something” to it and by effect, to the owner of the talisman.

In the practice of Hoodoo, and especially in rootwork: talismans are used a great deal. They may be called mojo hands, charms, conjure bags, sachets, tobys, pacquets, etc. These Hoodoo charms are carefully blended from mainly organic materials: Sticks, stones, gems, roots, bones, minerals and metals. When combined correctly and with clear intent, they are reputed to create a vortex of energy to attract to you the circumstances that you request by law of sympathy: which states that “like attracts like.” These items are typically placed inside small red-flannel bags.

Nonsense or not, the manufacture of such items is big money. How many realize that even everyday objects and jewelry that we wear today at one time just may have been an amulet or a talisman a long time ago in by-gone cultures.

Charms of all sorts: Amulets and talismans for every intention are made and manufactured, gathered and collected all over the world at all times. Ask yourself: Do you have any types of amulets or talismans that appeal to you?


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