The Power of Suggestion

The power of suggestion is but a cunning skill and within the Witches’ repertoire, but it is one that is not supernatural – it is manipulation.

There are many folks that are very good at it, and when it is done as a weapon against someone we would consider that an evil act indeed.

Advertising and the media do it to us all the time. For example, we need clothing in order to stay warm in the cold and even to protect us from the harsh rays of the sun burning our skin. So why do we buy certain brands of clothing? We do so, because we are told how wearing that brand will make us feel: sexy, skinnier, a winner, successful, elite, etc.

It is the same trick done to sell cars, but yet, so few people have caught on to really what is happening. For example, how useful is a Bentley in South-Central Pennsylvania? Not very, but it may be purchased because of the lifestyle of how you will feel, and how others will look at you if you have something exclusive they don’t have. (as there are far better looking and fun cars out there at a much more reasonable price!)

Many folks have woken up to the powers of suggestion employed by advertising and the media, but one area that slips by quite often is how people try to use suggestion to make someone else do something they don’t want to do.

I’m going to teach you what they do so that it can be learned, and not used against you, and if it is, you can recognize it for what it is worth.

First, they decide for you what THEY want you to do. Let’s say it is as simple as going to a particular club. So they think, how do I get this person to go to the club with me? Instead of just asking you and let you think for yourself, they seem to decide they wish to play this on you to ensure your cooperation with their psychological game.

What this means is they will start out by saying thing like, “so and so told me about said-club, and it sounds like a great place!” Next, they may say something like, “You are so over-worked and deserve a break – it’s Miller Time somewhere, right?”

Now, if the person you are trying to get to go to said-club is a male, you tell him about how other males he may even know are having fun and how it also fits him and his lifestyle. If they are said to be having fun and loving it, you are working to convince him why he deserves to go.

Now, once he is adequately turned on by the subject of said-club, now you ask him if he would like to go and have fun with or like so and so, making him feel that he made the decision to attend entirely on his own!

I think situations like the above play out with folks more often than you even realize and it is more common to be used often to get your “Honey” to perform your honey-do-list, it can be done by folks you thought were very good friends. In fact, I remember an old witch friend I used to have in my life and she constantly played these types of head-games with people, and if you didn’t agree with her because you could see through it, she went into attack mode. She would even try the same game with other people trying to get them to see why they should agree with her, using the same techniques to decide for other folks why they should stand with her and against someone else. The funny thing was, when I confronted her with the subject, she accused me of doing the exact same thing to other folks and her and how it didn’t work on her.

I guess I should be flattered that she saw me as that big of threat that I was better than her at it, but I was just being myself and making my own decisions on my personal beliefs.  What I have found is that when these folks are exposed, they are quick to try to say you are the one doing the manipulation.

Blessed Be!


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