Automatic Writing

The subject of automatic writing is a very curious stepping stone for those looking to develop further psychic talent.

How does it work?

By holding a pen or pencil in your hand and gently resting it on a pad of paper, you send a signal to your brain that you “are about to write something.” If you don’t intentionally write something using your conscious mind, your brain will still recognize the behavior that something is about to be written or drawn on the paper.

By sitting quietly in meditation and allowing any thought to come through, random things will begin to happen within your mind and you will begin to draw, write words, and sometimes scribbles that seem to make no sense at all.  (at first possibly!)

I’m sure that many songs, lines of poetry and even art ideas have been generated through this form of psychic phenomena. It would be easy for someone looking for an idea to be able to find the answer through the use of tapping into his or her subconscious mind in this manner.

One word of caution though: If you are already psychically gifted, it may not be the best move to perform automatic writing in this manner when in a group of people. The reason bring, if you are in a trance state, or even put under via hypnotic influence, or use hypnosis to help you relax into this state: You may be just simply picking up the thoughts and transcribing them telepathically instead of  through hypnosis. This would just be a telepathic experiment then instead of a true practice of automatic writing.

It is super easy to do and start with, and you may have performed this before without even thinking of it.

Sometimes, I will watch folks zone out a bit when they are listening to a particular lecture or talk and they begin doodling in a side of their notebook or paper… Their subconscious mind may or may not also simultaneously be able to listen to the lecture or meeting going on, or they may be tuning it out, but those little scribbles, flowers, happy faces, or doodles are IN FACT automatic writing – they just don’t know it.

The interesting thing about this is, when people do this because they are bored, I will always take a little peak at what they are drawing…. As this little hint will then tell you something very interesting about what they may be thinking about it what is going on inside their head. Those little smiley faces and flowers could in fact be subconscious messages from their deep minds telling them they need to change their consciousness to a means of happiness even.  (or possibly just to be kind to others)

In my own personal experience, I have noticed that the folks who sit and doodle in this manner may be dealing with various situations at home or in their personal life. The situations itself may or may not be serious, maybe just something that makes them a bit sad or conflicted in regards to the decisions they have to make. This has made me wonder that the person who is doodling in this manner may be receiving a subconscious message. The difficulty occurs in the fact that so few people seem to really pay attention to what is actually going on around them.

Now this above is different than what may be described as intentional automatic writing. This is when you sit down with the pencil and notepad with the intention fixed in your mind on receiving messages on a particular situation or event.

If you haven’t tried this, maybe you will? Don’t be upset if you only get scribbles or nothing seems to enter your mind at the time – it takes practice. And remember, if you are already highly psychic already, you may want to do this alone and not surrounded side by side with folks.

Good luck in your preliminary psychic experiments!

Blessed Be!


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